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Dante’s Inferno and Florence Italy Featured in Dan Brown’s Latest Book

Palazzo VecchioMany of you are probably very familiar with at least the first two books from Dan Brown that featured the character Robert Langdon. The first of the books was Angels and Demons, though it was the second film released with the character. In it, the famed symbologist was traveling throughout Rome to find out who was killing Cardinals.

His next book was one of the biggest sellers in recent times. You might remember The Da Vinci Code. It was the first film released even though it was the second book. This time the backdrop was Paris and the story caused quite a bit of controversy within the Catholic Church.

After the runaway success of The Da Vinci Code, his next book featuring Robert Langdon was considered a letdown by some. I thoroughly enjoyed The Lost Symbol which wound through Washington DC to find a pyramid. From what I hear, a movie is in the works.

His fourth book with Robert Langdon, Inferno, was released last week. In this book, the mystery is related to The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri (click link to download free 384 page PDF of the epic poem). For those not familiar with The Divine Comedy (I wasn’t), it is broken into three parts where Inferno is the first part. Robert is back in Florence, Italy, the birthplace of the Renaissance. One of the featured landmarks is the Palazzo Vecchio (the tower is pictured above). I’m about halfway through the latest book and admittedly I didn’t really want to put it down to write this blog post. I guess you could say I like the book!

One of the best part about all the books is how he weaves the history of the city into the story. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a few days in each of the cities in these books so it is fun for me to picture the characters moving among landmarks (and works of art) familiar to me. Each of the books is fast-paced, makes you think, teaches you a bit about history and geography as well as just providing several hours of entertainment. For those who enjoy a good read, I recommend you read each and every one of the books in this series.

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  1. The wait was on after Lost Symbol for Dan Brown’s next. After a lot of speculation, news was out among Dan Brown fans that this one would be an exceptional thriller on bioterrorism.
    Well, what Dan Brown finally delivers is more like a tourist guide than a thriller – exotic places of Florence, Venice, Istanbul… and a lot of loose ends.
    The first 250 pages lag – and are filled with the regular chases, bullet shots and one villain out to ruin the world. But things start picking up at the 300th page! And then Dan Brown gets into his element – turnarounds are what he is best at.
    When you finally finish the book, you feel incomplete – for one part of the story is left unaddressed. But perhaps, the unfinished end is also the best part of this edition of Brown.

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