There are times I hear about a software package almost by accident. That was definitely the case with AbstractCurves. I was immediately interested in some of the artwork it generated, but confused when I saw it mentioned as a tool for creating wallpaper. When I modified my thinking to define wallpaper as backgrounds for artwork I was creating, then the light bulb really came on for me.

First, let’s talk about the technical aspects of this software. It can be run as a standalone application on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. So basically anyone who has Windows. It can also be used as a Photoshop plug-in with most all 32-bit hosts. You may want to re-read Is The 64-Bit Version of CorelDRAW X6 Right For You? as it describes all of the reasons I think most users should instead be running the 32-bit version. Being able to use cool plug-ins like AbstractCurves is one of the reasons. I have many plug-ins that only work in 32-bit hosts!

Now let’s look at the interface of AbstractCurves as it is absolutely loaded with options.
Abstract Curves Photoshop Plug-In
If you are using the free trial, you can choose a preset and output a graphic. Those who choose to purchase a license (it’s only $19) can make a seemingly unlimited number of changes and save their own presets. Just in the past few days I’ve made a background for a client’s ad and a background for a Facebook Cover Photo and Twitter Header (learn all about this in the CorelDRAW Web & Social Media Success Kit). While I liked a preset, I wanted to use colors to match other elements of the graphic and the paid version allowed me to do this. With the preset made, I could then generate the background in any size needed.

At this point, I’ve only scratched the surface of all of the artwork I can create with this unique plug-in and I can already see that I’ll be using it regularly in projects going forward. You’ll definitely want to download the demo of AbstractCurves and give it a try. I think you’ll find it is well worth purchasing after a little experimentation.

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