Who needs to go to the zoo when there are frequently wild animals that walk around in your neighborhood. While some of these animals can be dangerous, they are typically a lot more scared of people. So as I go outside to shoot photos of the furry visitors, I usually only have a short period of time to get the shot before the animals get tired of being photographed.

If you are reading this via e-mail, you’ll either have to click on each of the posts below or read this post on the Web to see the embedded posts. Note that last time I embedded a post, someone wrote that it didn’t work in Firefox. I do test these and they do work in all browsers. If you find they aren’t working, you may have something installed in the browser that is blocking it.

About a week ago, I was walking in the neighborhood and saw a cat sitting near the porch of a house. We don’t really have house cats that sit outside because of the coyotes in the area. So I knew this was a bobcat and was able to get a nice picture before the cat decided to walk away.

Then I saw two bobcats strolling along together. They were in no hurry to get away from the guy with the camera, but they also didn’t seem to want to pose for me. There are a few more photos that I’ll be posting soon so may sure you have liked the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page so you won’t miss them.

Last weekend I wrote AbstractCurves Is Powerful Plug-in For Creating Unique Background Artwork and it has already been used to dress up the background of the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page as shown below as well as my Twitter header photo.

The really cool thing about AbstractCurves is that a single preset can create the perfect background at all the sizes needed for social media or any other use. If you want to know all the details about the sizes and formats needed to make your social media graphics stand out, you need to get the CorelDRAW Web & Social Media Success Kit.

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