I’ve written about various maintenance issues in the last ten days. From a design standpoint, I wrote When Did You Last Polish Up Your Portfolio? as a portfolio is a very important tool to show off your work.

There were also two posts on tools for keeping your computer running well and protected. If you missed them, read One Day Lifetime Update Sale on System Mechanic Pro and ZoneAlarm 2016 Products Available, Extreme Security Delivers Virus-Free Guarantee.

While I write about security-related topics, some loyal readers still get hacked. Just the other day I got several private Facebook messages all at once contained an infected link. I didn’t click on the link, but sadly some people will click and get infected. That kind of infection will probably only send out more of spammy private messages. Others types of infections can cause severe damage to your data.

Do you just hope your security works or have you investigated the tools you have in place to make sure they will protect you against most malware and viruses? If you haven’t done an audit of the security tools on your computer, take a few minutes to do it now. If needed, take advantage of the special pricing on the tools described in my posts. Spending a little on quality tools now can save you a lot of money in the long run if they prevent infection.

In case you don’t want to read the previous posts, I’ll include the links again here that provide you with discounted pricing.

The folks at iolo have already provided a really great deal on all of their products that is good through the end of 2015. iolo’s massive 70% off New Year campaign. [All primary software titles eligible]. Coupon code: HAPPY2016.

On the topic of security audits, we’re in the process of upgrading the security on three of our Web sites. Yes, your transactions on those sites are absolutely secure right now as all the sites use only PayPal as a payment method. All of the payment information is entered on PayPal’s Web site using their secure servers.

While most visitors are happy to use PayPal for payment, we are going to add the ability to pay directly with a credit card in the near future. Before we do that, we need to add SSL security certificates the sites so that your information is protected. To get these certificates, we have to go through the process of verifying ourselves as a company. This process has already begun and it is possible the SSL certificates will be in place by the time you read this post.

Once the certificates are in place, we’ll turn on the ability to pay directly with a credit card. So check back at CorelDRAW Unleashed, Seamless Textures Unleashed and Vehicle Templates Unleashed for the added security and payment methods. Our original site, unleash.com, already has an SSL certificate in place within the shopping cart checkout process.

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