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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 Hardware and System Requirements

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 has been released and many of you want to know if it will run on your computer. In this post I’ll list the official hardware requirements for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 as well as suggestions beyond the requirements. If you have any questions not answered in this post, please post as a comment to the blog or on the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page. Do not e-mail me directly! By posting your questions as a comment, I can respond to your comment with an answer for everyone.

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Let’s first look at the system requirements that Corel has listed for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8.

  • Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, in 32-bit or 64-bit, all with latest Updates and Service Pack
    • Note that Windows XP is not supported as it is more than twelve years old. You need to update to Windows 7 or newer as we have suggested to you in Migrate Your Operating System to 64-bit. In order to run the 64-bit version of CorelDRAW X8, you do need to have a 64-bit operating system.
  • Intel Core i3/5/7 or AMD Athlon 64
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 GB hard disk space (for installation without content). Up to 6GB needed to install extra content
  • Multi-touch screen, mouse or tablet
  • 1280 x 720 screen resolution at 100% (96 dpi)
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 11 or higher
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6
  • Internet connection required to sign in to authenticate CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, receive performance and stability updates, access online content, and use some features, such as QR Codes or the Content Exchange. You can use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite offline provided you connect to the Internet at least once a month so that we can validate your software license.
  • DVD drive (only if you purchase on DVD)

Let’s start with the biggest hardware requirement. You need a PC. If you have a Mac, you will need to install Windows on it to run CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8. Mac users, I am simply the messenger so please don’t shoot me as I have nothing to do with this decision. The reasons Why You Shouldn’t Expect a Mac Version of CorelDRAW were covered a few years ago. A follow-up to that can be found at Native Mac Version of CorelDRAW Coming? Don’t Expect It! If you do run it on a Mac, Corel will not officially support it. That said, it does seem to work quite well using Boot Camp, VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop to run Windows.

As I said, you must have Windows. Specifically it will run on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The 32-bit version of CorelDRAW X8 will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors of Windows. As mentioned earlier, you need a 64-bit operating system to run the 64-bit version of CorelDRAW. Corel does specify you need all of the latest service packs for Windows.

While there is a 64-bit version of CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT, many users will find that using the 32-bit version is a better choice! Read Is the 64-Bit Version of CorelDRAW X6 Right For You? to understand why you may want to install the 32-bit version. If you are unsure how to install the 32-bit version, read Finding and Installing 32-Bit CorelDRAW X6. While both of those posts specifically address CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6, the information is still valid for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8.

Next up is the processor. I’m guessing most of your couldn’t name what processor you have so this requirement is a bit of a mystery to you. Let’s forget the processors listed and let’s talk about the real requirement. You must have a processor that supports the SSE2 instruction set. If you don’t, you won’t even be allowed to install CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8. I told you how to find out if you had SSE2 in a post a few years ago on the CPU-Z Processor Information Utility. Just so you know, these instructions have been available in processors for more than a decade. Why is this a requirement? I’ll explain.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 has support for multiple threads. This means a feature can take advantage of multi-core processors or even hyperthreaded processors to perform a function much faster. A perfect example is the Save feature. As soon as you start saving a file, you can immediately start doing other things as the save is performed in the background. How many times in the past have you sat there staring at the screen waiting for a file to finish saving? I know it happened way too often for me. My computer has four cores each of which can run two separate threads. When CorelDRAW saves, it can now split the load in eight ways. Multi-threading was added in CorelDRAW X5 and the number of functions that use multiple threads has been expanded in CorelDRAW X6, CorelDRAW X7 and CorelDRAW X8. Please check out our Hump Day Hardware posts for the latest suggested on processors and other hardware.

Next up, it says 2 GB of RAM is required. Sorry, that number is unrealistic. While that might technically be the minimum, I think you need a minimum of 4 GB to even consider using any graphics software these days. Personally I’d recommend any new computer to have a 64-bit operating system and as much memory as possible. For more on this subject, read my post Memory and CorelDRAW. In that post, you’ll notice I talk about the useless Memory setting in CorelDRAW X4. It was removed in CorelDRAW X5 and a few users were concerned that it wasn’t there. As I’ve said many times, it didn’t do anything! With the 64-bit version of CorelDRAW, I’d suggest 8 GB of RAM to be the absolute minimum and I’d suggest you install as much memory as your computer will allow. The 64-bit version of Windows can use as much of the memory as needed and isn’t limited to 2 GB like 32-bit software. Read Fill Up Your Screaming Fast Computer With RAM for more details. That said, very few of you will be creating CorelDRAW files anywhere near 2 GB in size! Those who are, probably need to look at ways of optimizing their files.

As we move down the list, the requirements say you need a minimum of 1 GB of hard drive space. So while you can skimp with such a small amount of space, I sure hope you have a lot more space available!

You have to be able to point, so you need a mouse, tablet or multi-touch screen. We highly recommend you use a Wacom tablet! Corel added touch support in CorelDRAW X5 though this is something very few users will be using as only a small percentage of computers have touch support. You must have a DVD drive to install the boxed version as the software is supplied on a DVD.

The last requirement is Internet Explorer 11 and honestly this is something Corel shouldn’t require. Many users prefer other browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Yet CorelDRAW relies upon Internet Explorer to load any Web content. If you must use the newer versions of Internet Explorer, please read Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Is Evil and How To Fix It!

Upgrade Eligibility: To purchase the upgrade version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8, you must own a previous licensed version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or CorelDRAW® Premium Suite. Please note that upgrade eligibility excludes Academic, Home and Student, OEM and Not for Resale (NFR) versions.

Some users prefer to wait for the Education Edition as it is typically a lower price. Keep in mind that it is illegal to use it for paying work. Also, it often leaves out important features such as support for macros. It is not eligible for upgrade pricing. In saving a few bucks up front, it can cost you a lot more in the long run.

About Foster D. Coburn III

Foster D. Coburn III
Foster D. Coburn III is the author of thirteen books on CorelDRAW, the latest being CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed. He has been a contributor to numerous magazines. Foster has taken many projects, including this Web site and many more, from the early design stage through to a finished piece. He has been a featured speaker at many graphics and Web conferences.

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  1. Is it requisite to have a dedicated graphics card with X8? Buying new laptop, struggling to make right choice.

    • Foster D. Coburn III
      Foster D. Coburn III

      No, it has never been required. But having a good graphics “card” (including built in to motherboard) is important to get the best results. Many laptops have good graphics cards as an option.

  2. Chat with Corel, looks like they are thinking and maybe working on the MAC vs Corel issue.

    (05:27:43 AM) Kat: We are in a process of having our software compatible with all platforms though it takes a lot of testing to do so. We will inform you via email if any changes made with its compatibility. AS of now, it is not for MAC.

    • Foster D. Coburn III
      Foster D. Coburn III

      I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting on that Mac version.

      • I don’t have a MAC, but now using a borrowed one when my Dell, once again, crashed and burned. Having a HARD time finding a robust laptop for X8 and my crazy multitasking habit. I just can’t find an i7 quad, 16gig, etc. When I do there are massive problems with it.Dell XPS is out of the question, seems to be a flawed machine. What say you?

        • Foster D. Coburn III
          Foster D. Coburn III

          I have a Dell XPS15 (big brother of http://graphics-unleashed.com/2015/10/dell-xps13-touchscreen-ultrabook/) and have no issues with it. Then again, I use CorelDRAW X6 and refuse to use newer versions.

          • Know the XPS15 well. The Corel guru not updating. Very fascinating.I have x5 and felt I should upgrade, but if “THE guy” does not upgrade maybe I should listen to his wisdom. Could I bother you with the difference in the X5 and X6? What advances should I expect? I would expect I would have to reload Windows 7 to use it.

          • Foster D. Coburn III
            Foster D. Coburn III

            I have documented differences on the blog and in my training DVDs. I have Windows 10 on my XPS15 and CorelDRAW X6 runs great.

  3. I agree that 2GB ram is unrealistic. I have 6GB ram, is it good enough? will th x8 it run smooth?

    • Foster D. Coburn III
      Foster D. Coburn III

      Everyone has their own definition of “run smooth”. I don’t think CorelDRAW X8 runs smooth on any hardware. It may be acceptable to you.

  4. Is X7 a preferred version over X8? Also, will X7 run smoothly on Windows 10? Recently purchased HP Envy laptop i7, dual core, 16GB ram, 1T HD, Windows 10.

  5. Just installed CorelDRAW X8. Harddrive has 1.5GB of X5 Extra Content. Will X8 use those resources or should I remove them and regain the space?

    • Foster D. Coburn III
      Foster D. Coburn III

      If you are going to use the clipart and photos, keep it. If you aren’t going to use it, delete it. It is artwork, any newer version can use it.

  6. i have a dual core processor . Will it work??

    • Foster D. Coburn III
      Foster D. Coburn III

      Please read the detailed information in the post about processor. It explains how to test your processor. There is no generic answer for “dual core processor.”

  7. I have upgraded to X8 from X5. It installed correctly (64bit) but is supper super slow and uses 99%cpu (2.3mhtz). I have noticed that it didn’t delete the old X5 could this be the issue for the speed (it basically freezes). I do not want to delete X5 as I use this program daily and am frightened that I will not get X8 to work.My laptop has heaps of space 8G Ram and is running I5 processor

    • Foster D. Coburn III
      Foster D. Coburn III

      Having a previous version installed has absolutely nothing to do with the current version. We strongly recommend that you install the 32-bit version, rather than the 64-bit version (please read post for this info). 8GB is now considered the minimum. While it is more than enough to run CorelDRAW and Windows, it may not be enough if a number of other programs are running.

  8. Where can I still purchase coreldraw x6 Sounds like you are saying that is one of the better versions. I will be running my x3 and x4 files in the program, will they work okay in x6. Also would they work okay in x7 or x8. Thanks

    • Foster D. Coburn III
      Foster D. Coburn III

      CorelDRAW X6 is not officially for sale anywhere at this point. While you may find it somewhere, I would be extremely cautious as it could be pirated. Yes, it opens files from previous versions.

      • so can i still get x7 and will those x3 and x4 files work on both x7 and x8
        Thanks for replying so quickly.

        • Foster D. Coburn III
          Foster D. Coburn III

          When a new version is released, the old versions are no longer sold other than a few strays left in inventory. New versions can open files from older versions.

  9. É necessário placa de vídeo dedicada?

  10. Hi,
    Does it mean I can also use a workstation pc for coreldraw x8 or 2017?

    • Foster D. Coburn III
      Foster D. Coburn III

      I don’t understand the question. You can use both versions on the same computer or choose only one version to run on the computer.

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