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Crucial MX300 SSD Drives Up to 2TB

If you want a fast drive in your computer, SSD drives are great. Typically they’ve had two hurdles to clear. They cost more than mechanical drives and the capacity wasn’t big enough for all your data. Over time the costs have come down and the capacities have gone up. Crucial has not provided me a drive, but I get a very small commission from Amazon (they cut the rates significantly) if you use the links I’ve provided to purchase. Today I’m focusing on the 2 TB drive from Crucial.

The MX300 series of drives uses 3D NAND memory and it delivers 530 MB/s read performance and 510 MB/s write performance. While not the very fastest SSD drive, that is really good and it blows away the speeds on a mechanical drive. That’s near the fastest the SATA connection allows. For this drive, we’re looking for speed in addition to large capacity and it delivers.

Is it in your budget? That’s for you to decide. There are smaller versions of the drive with a lower cost. Each of them is listed and linked below and I have created live Amazon pricing below the list.

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