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Canon G7 X Mark II Is Powerful Point and Shoot Camera

Smartphone cameras are very powerful, but they aren’t always enough to capture the photos you want. DSLRs are more expensive and too bulky to carry in your pocket. Point and shoot cameras are a good compromise between the two. A really good point and shoot is the Canon G7 X …

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Canon PowerShot SX720 HS Provides 40X Optical Zoom

I shoot most of my photos these days with my smartphone unless I really need features including on my DLSR. One thing smartphones don’t do really well is zoom and that’s where the Canon PowerShot SX720 HS excels! What is the killer feature? It has 40X optical zoom (that’s the …

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A Lineup of Canon DSLRs for Doing Product Shots

I’m working on a piece for a magazine where I’m going to talk about various elements required to do product shots. It is very important to have a camera that allows you to manually set things like the aperture and shutter speed. This post is not something to teach you …

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Canon CS5600F Color Image Scanner

I don’t know about you, but my need for scanning has dropped dramatically in the last few years. I’m guessing this closely coincides with the explosion of digital photography. With so many images captured digitally, there just isn’t as much need to scan them. Of course it hasn’t eliminated the …

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Hump Day Hardware: Digital SLRs

In the past month or so they have been some big releases in the world of digital SLRs. SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex and that means you can interchange lenses on these digital cameras. It also means that these cameras do have a higher price tag than the typical …

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Hump Day Hardware: Point and Shoot Digital Camera

In the beginning, just having any kind of digital camera was a good thing. Nowadays I’m convinced that it is good to have different digital cameras for different situations. Most people now have some kind of a camera as part of their mobile phones. They work great for very basic …

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