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Scorkl permite que você respire subaquático com total liberdade

Since I’ll be within 100 yards of the sea in less than a week, I’ve been more interested in ways to explore underwater recently. Back in April I wrote AirBuddy Tankless Dive Gear For Portable Scuba Diving. Their Kickstarter campaign has now ended and they raised more than twice their …

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Seagate Drive Externo Handy para backup e armazenamento extra

I know you don’t backup your computer often or at all. There may be a couple of you who have regular backups, but you are a rare breed. Today we’re going to look at external hard drives that can help you keep your data safe or to simply be a …

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Bluetooth Transmissor FM Oferece Tunes e Hands Free Calling

bluetooth fm transmitter

I will be embarking on a very long road trip this summer through areas that have few, if any, radio stations. If I want some music for the journey, I have to provide it. My phone has some great playlists, but my vehicle doesn’t support Bluetooth. That led me on …

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Três Webcams a considerar para chamadas de vídeo

Last week I wrote about the Echo Show and one of its big new features is making video calls. Of course the ability to make video calls isn’t unique to the Echo Show and is not even that new. I’ve been making video calls through Skype for nearly a decade. …

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Eco Mostrar Adiciona tela para dispositivo Popular Amazon

I first saw Amazon’s Alexa device almost exactly two years ago. Now the family of devices uses the Echo name and there is a new member in the family. Thanks to the FTC, I have to tell you that I do earn a pitiful little commission if you order using …

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Asus 32 Inch 4K ProArt monitor

Having a fast computer is great. But I find that many users allocate the majority of their budget to the computer and the monitor is more of an afterthought. The strange thing is that a really good monitor can easily outlast a computer. As an example, I invested in a …

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AirBuddy Tankless engrenagem do mergulho para portáteis Mergulho

I think it was about a year ago that I first heard about the AirBuddy. As a scuba diver, it really caught my attention. It is definitely not computer related, but it is a piece of hardware. While I would be thrilled if I got a free one, I’ve gotten …

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 de 9,7 polegadas, 32GB Tablet

Back in late 2013 I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition tablet. It has served me well for more than three years now and I suspect I won’t be in the market for another tablet for at least a couple more years. Even though I’m not currently in …

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AMD Ryzen 7 Processador e placa-mãe ASUS

Quando se trata de compra de computadores, eu tenho que admitir que eu sou um cara Intel. Puro e simples, eu não dou processadores AMD uma segunda olhada. Sei que existem alguns bons, acabo sempre escolhido para ficar dentro da família Intel. Os leitores têm perguntado sobre os processadores AMD assim ...

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Campainha sem fio Kit com duas Ringers

sadotech wireless doorbell with two ringers

Quando estou trabalhando em nosso escritório desencadeada Producciones em Loreto Bay, México, é muito difícil para mim saber quando alguém está à porta. A porta exterior abre-se para uma porta de entrada exterior e jardim. Então, quando dentro de casa, é difícil ouvir uma batida. Isto significava que eu precisava ...

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