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Diagnosing and Repairing a Misbehaving Computer

Computers can be finicky beasts. If something is going to go wrong, it always seems to be at the worst possible time. Last week I was preparing to leave town to do some training when the order processing computer in our office started to behave erratically. It is fully functional …

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Credit Card Swipe Devices and Backup Connections

Last year I wrote about the Square Card Reader as a tool for processing credit card sales on your phone or tablet. I even provided you a link in that blog post to get your own Square card reader for free. There are other similar devices from Intuit and PayPal …

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The Move Away From Paper and Covering Costs

In the past month, I have seen a variety of scenarios that demonstrate some of the ways that the media we consume is changing. You, as a consumer of media, may not be happy with the changes. If you aren’t happy, it is something you’ll have to accept as the …

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Keep Your Lap and Laptop Cool With Cooling Pad

Have you ever worked for any length of time with a laptop on your lap? If you have, it probably didn’t take long before you legs were were not only warm but even burning. This can not only be harmful to your lap, but also to the laptop. Computers need …

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Toshiba Kirabook Laptops Provide Amazing Screen and Power

The big trend in laptops is the ultrabook. While ultrabooks can be the perfect companion in your travel bag, they don’t always have the horsepower for running graphics software. The first thing you’ll notice is the resolution of the 13.3″ screen. It is 2560×1440 pixels which comes out to 221 …

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GorillaPod Tripods Steady Your Camera in More Places

There are times when you need a steady a camera when a regular tripod just won’t work. It could be a tight space, uneven ground or many other situations. As I’m recording the videos for Cave Creek Geek, I’ll run into situations where I don’t have anyone to hold the …

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Western Digital My Book Live Provides Inexpensive NAS Backup and Sharing

At least once a week I get a call from a user who lost a product we offer because their hard drive died. No matter how many times the subject of backups is covered, users continue to ignore the suggestion to have a backup plan. Let’s make one thing clear, …

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An Office Essential? A Good Stapler!

There was a horrible death in our office recently. The stapler died. It had been part of the office for more than 15 years and was a very productive member of our team. We had to rely on an even older stapler until we could find a replacement. Now if …

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Boost Your Device’s Capacity With Bigger SD Card

There are a variety of different types of data cards used in your devices. One of the more popular types of cards is the SD Card (Secure Digital). While it has been used in some phones, most current smartphones have moved to microSD cards if they support storage cards (iPhones …

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Survive Even the Toughest Video Shoots With GoPro Hero3

I saw a video on YouTube the other day that really got my attention about how GoPro video cameras on being used. In this case, a videographer for a BBC series had set one up to capture video of grizzly bears. While he did get some great shots of the …

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