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Hump Day Hardware: Digital SLRs

In the past month or so they have been some big releases in the world of digital SLRs. SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex and that means you can interchange lenses on these digital cameras. It also means that these cameras do have a higher price tag than the typical …

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Hump Day Hardware: Webcam

I was traveling last week and found myself in the need of a new Web cam. My old one just wouldn’t play nicely with Vista. Sometimes I could get the video to work, but not always. Plus the driver just didn’t support the microphone at all. I did some searching …

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Hump Day Hardware: MacBook and MacBook Pro

Regular readers may think I’ve lost my mind. Why am I talking about machines using an operating system that can’t run CorelDRAW? First, these are darned good laptops. It also should be noted that these machines can run CorelDRAW using emulation software. At right is a photo of the MacBook …

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Hump Day Hardware: Brother GT-782

This is definitely the biggest piece of hardware I’ve ever covered in my weekly Hump Day Hardware. Not only is it big in size, it is a big development in the world of garment printing. The headline of the press release reads “Brother International Corporation Unveils New High-End Dual Platen …

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Hump Day Hardware: Computer System

In my hump day hardware series, I have talked about various components for your computer. Today let’s focus on the brains in your computer. We’ll go over the choices for your processor and the amount of memory you should have installed. Processor: The first decision is between Intel and AMD …

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Hump Day Hardware: Point and Shoot Digital Camera

In the beginning, just having any kind of digital camera was a good thing. Nowadays I’m convinced that it is good to have different digital cameras for different situations. Most people now have some kind of a camera as part of their mobile phones. They work great for very basic …

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Hump Day Hardware: Hard Drive Adapter

Today’s hardware will appeal to those of you who enjoy tinkering with your computers or anyone who has ever had to transfer data from a loose hard drive. The Sabrent USB Serial ATA or IDE adapter will allow you to connect most any hard drive to the USB port on …

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Hump Day Hardware: Mice

I’ve talked about two of the major tools for interacting with your computer, graphics tablets and keyboards. Today we’re going to talk about mice. Those of you who read the post on tablets will know that I rarely use a mouse. If you have joined us to CorelDRAW Unleashed Boot …

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Hump Day Hardware: Keyboards Revisited

About a month ago I covered keyboards in my Hump Day Hardware blog posting. One of the keyboards I featured was the Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000. After writing about it, I got more and more intrigued by the features it offers. My old Microsoft keyboard was a few years …

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Hump Day Hardware: Soldius Univeral Solar Charger

Today’s hardware is a little bit off the normal path, but I’ll bet it is something that many of you could use. Do you carry a cell phone, an MP3 player and other gadgets on a regular basis? Are there times when you are unable to plug them in to …

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