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Hump Day Hardware: Portable Lighting Studio

Do you have to take pictures of products for use in marketing materials or a Web site? How much time do you spend masking out the product after you take the picture? In order to save your self time and trouble in masking out the product, you have to take …

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Hump Day Hardware: Keyboards

For the CorelDRAW Unleashed User Conference, we ordered several new computers from Dell. Everything was great about the computers except for one thing. As I was preparing them, I found it next to impossible to type on the supplied keyboards. They looked great and they had a very small footprint. …

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Hump Day Hardware: The Original iPhone

If I were to tell you that I’ve been using an iPhone for almost a year and a half, some of you might not believe me. Well, it’s true. But this iPhone is not made by Apple, costs much less than Apple’s products and carries a monthly fee only a …

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Hump Day Hardware: nVidia Graphics Cards

We are graphics professionals and we use graphics software on a non-stop basis. Thus it is important for us to get a display that gives us a high-quality image. Yes, a good monitor is very important. Regardless of your monitor, it is very important to have a good graphics card …

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