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Dados variáveis ​​dentro de CorelDRAW - Dog Tag Exemplo


A user asked how they could swap text for numbers right inside CorelDRAW, on tags set in a pre-imposed layout. I used the macro found here.

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Escala Contours Vivo


There’s a way to do it! Group the Contour and your shape/text together first. Then start scaling! Special Thanks to Ronny Axelsson from Sweden for this interesting tip. Watch the video:

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Jagged Vector Borda

Here’s a video showing how to create a jagged vector element. As a vector shape, it’s highly scalable and can be easily re-colored.

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CorelDRAW Envelope


Here’s an animation showing a comparison between the use of CorelDRAW’s Perspective Effect, or using a custom shape as a guide for the Envelope Feature instead. Notice the difference in the letters between the top two examples. The third example shows how a custom Envelope shape can do much more …

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Recurso Imposição do Photo-Paint


There’s quite a bit of power and utility available in the print engine for both CorelDRAW and Photo-PAINT. A user in the public forums had a question about how to compile a folder full of images into one single image. Watch this video to see how the Imposition Feature works …

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Formação tremenda: CorelDRAW X6 à Solta

Olá Corelians, Primeiro, um aviso ... Foster me enviou uma cópia da revisão do Bundle. Dito isto, eu vi outros pacotes de formação dele, ao longo de muitos anos. Eu também vi outros pacotes de formação do CorelDRAW de outros autores também. Se alguém me perguntou estas perguntas: Novo usuário: "Como faço para aprender ...

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Nova atualização para o e-Cut - articulações frescos do dedo is your best source for e-cut. Various fixes and add-ons: Cut/plot – fixed sorting Eyelets – all holes will be grouped Nesting – sorting is available in container now, efficiency output, now you can set time to process your shapes Area – DM2 and CM2 was added Route optimizer …

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bitmaps dimensionados em sites = imagens borradas

Even a large entity such as the U.S. Postal Service can have graphics that are sub-optimal. Compare the difference for how the logo appears as of July 1/2016, relative to how it should look: Why does it look blurry? The logo is a fixed dimension PNG file, but it’s later …

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Por onde começar

A CorelDRAW Semi-Noob asks: I’ve been using CorelDraw for a little while now, but only for simple edits. I want to learn more about how to use the program. Can anyone recommend a good tutorial to watch that goes over different things in order? I’d like to be able to …

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Criar uma listra multicolorida no CorelDRAW

It’s no secret I’ve been a fan of CorelDRAW’s Artistic Media tool for many years. Have your custom-made strip follow a drawn (or an existing) path – watch this:

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