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TShirts Unleashed Delivers Apparel, Cases, Mugs and More

We’ve been quietly working on a new Web site for a few months now. The Web site didn’t take a lot of time to build, rather it was the infrastructure for product fulfillment. While the name of the site is TShirts Unleashed, it offers a lot more than just tshirts. …

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Chloe the Pirate Makes Television Debut

It was a Sunday afternoon in late August and I was going to see a favorite band of mine, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, play a show in Prescott, AZ. I heard that the television studio at AZTV was undergoing a makeover and I snuck in to get a look …

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The Hottest Father’s Day In Phoenix History

Many of you know all too well it gets hot in Phoenix in the summer. The only saving grace is that it is a dry heat because we have very little humidity. Yesterday was Father’s Day and it was the hottest one in Phoenix history. Let me take you through …

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Chloe Joins Unleashed Team

We have a new employee and her role is two parts: bunny security and chief dog food tester. There is a popular phrase that companies need to “eat their own dog food” and we needed an employee in place to take care of that for us. So far Chloe hasn’t …

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What Happened in Las Vegas and the Road Trip

I spent much of last week in Las Vegas at the Awards and Personalization Association Expo. It was a fun trip and I was able to share a lot of good information with attendees. Today I want to share a few stories and photos from the trip. To see all …

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Golf, Graphics and GoDaddy Filled My Day Off

A week ago I was goofing off. That’s right, I didn’t do any work last Friday. Of course that’s if work means sitting in front of a computer. You see, I was attending the Phoenix Open (known by the corporate name of the Waste Management Open) with a friend from …

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Could You Design a Winning Lottery Ticket?

Unless you’ve been out of contact with the media over the past few days, you’re probably well aware there was a drawing for a $1.5 billion lottery prize. Clearly I didn’t win as I’m sitting here writing a blog post. In addition to the drawings of random numbers, there are …

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KN Pepper’s Holiday Cartoons for 2015

KN Pepper has always creating some great satirical cartoons around the holidays each year. Often the cartoons incorporate current events from the year. This year there are three different images shown below.

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New Foster’s Photos Site Launched With My Photography

Thanks to the advent of social media, I’ve shared hundreds of photos I’ve taken with friends and followers worldwide. Some of the photos are very popular and I’ll get asked if I sell my photos anywhere. Until very recently, the answer was no though I tried to work with the …

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Photos Unleashed Service Improves Photos at Fixed Cost

Most loyal readers are already aware that much of my focus has shifted towards providing services for Web design. When I first talk with a client, they always want to provide an exact cost before I have any understanding of the type of Web site they desire. Even after we’ve …

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