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Evaluating Different Newsletter Service

There have been numerous changes in our online properties in the past couple of years. One thing has remained mostly unchanged and that is the provider we used to send both daily and weekly e-mails to subscribers. The only significant change was Mail List Cleansing Saves Money, Removes Idle Subscribers. …

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Free Upgrades to Windows 10 End On July 29, 2016

Windows 10 Upgrade

When Microsoft first made the announcement that Windows 10 upgrades would be free, they said the offer would only be good for a year. Of course many of us wondered if they would change their mind and make upgrades free for a longer period of time. The official word has …

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The Many Elements Involved in Web Site Speed

Whether a Web site is fast or slow depends on many different things. I’ve been very disappointed with the speed of some of our sites lately and I am working on addressing the issues I can change. This is important to those visiting the sites and is also a factor …

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CorelDRAW Colored Nodes Registry Hack Now Supports X5, X6, X7 and X8

I’ve never understood why there isn’t a setting in CorelDRAW’s Options dialog to turn on colored nodes, especially after this feature has been available for four versions now. There is a setting in the Options dialog to enlarge nodes, but to color code them you need to hack the registry. …

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Mail List Cleansing Saves Money, Removes Idle Subscribers

We started building our email list in the 90s. Over the years it grew and grew and grew. But there were likely a large number of subscribers who had changed jobs, changing email addresses, changed interests and some who are no longer with us. So it was time for us …

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Your Email Is Being Filtered

Your email is being filtered. Some of you will disagree strongly as did one user who refused to believe me when I declared it a couple of weeks ago. It is happening and you need to be aware of it. When you send an email to someone, you expect it …

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Not Importing Old Workspaces in CorelDRAW X8 is a Good Thing

A few years ago I wrote Never Import Workspaces From a Previous Version. Why? It’s quite simple, it almost always leads to severe instability. The users have crashing problems will reset their workspace and then immediately re-import the old workspace insuring that the crashing continues. Just don’t do it! Both …

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Prepare Your Marketing and Proofread Your Postcard

I got a nice looking postcard in the mail recently. It advertised a car service to the airport. It is something I’d consider as it could be less expensive than parking on a long trip. There was even a coupon offering a discount. If you don’t see the problem, look …

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Renew Your Domains Before You Lose Your Identity

When I started this blog more than a decade ago, I vowed there were a few topics I would avoid. One of those topics is politics. So while I’m about to tell you a story that involved US politics, I’m writing purely about something that happened online that I want …

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Importance of Responsive Web Pages With Forms

About a week ago, I told you about Free Vehicle Templates and Huge Artwork Library. Many of you registered for a free subscription and there may have been a small number of you who had issues with the form. One of the biggest trends in Web design is having a …

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