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CorelDRAW Brush Packs Moved, Price Lowered

Last week I told you about the massive makeover of our Web sites that is nearing completion. If you have not read that post, I encourage you to do so now. As part of that makeover, we recently moved another set of popular artwork packages from the unleash.com site to …

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See Fewer Ads Without Ad Blocking and Support Your Favorite Sites

It is no secret that many users hate Web pages filled with ads. Unfortunately those ads provide a valuable source of revenue for the sites providing you with “free” content. While we do place ads on our sites, we try to keep the user in mind so they aren’t as …

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Is It Time to Move to Windows 10 Yet?

A loyal reader recently asked if the time had come to move to Windows 10. That is truly a decision that you have to make for yourself. I’ll share a few of the reasons that I’ve not yet made the jump and don’t expect to make the jump in the …

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Securing E-Commerce Sites With SSL Certificates

At the end of last week’s post Perform a Security Audit, Use Stronger Tools, I mentioned we were in the process of adding SSL certificates to three of our sites so that we could accept credit cards directly. SSL certificates are now in place on all three sites and we …

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Perform a Security Audit, Use Stronger Tools

I’ve written about various maintenance issues in the last ten days. From a design standpoint, I wrote When Did You Last Polish Up Your Portfolio? as a portfolio is a very important tool to show off your work. There were also two posts on tools for keeping your computer running …

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Link Doesn’t Work? Wait a Few Minutes and Try Again

I hear from loyal readers on a regular basis telling me they’ve clicked on a link and it doesn’t work. It could be in a tweet, in an e-mail blast or something on the Web site. Some of them are truly broken and I need to fix them. If it …

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When Was The Last Time You Did Preventative Maintenance On Your Computer?

Normally on the hottest day on record, some water would be a welcome break. In my case, it meant there was a minor disaster in my house. The water line supplying one of my toilets burst soaking a fairly large amount of carpet. Fixing the toilet only took about five …

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Migrating Thousands of Web Pages to New Sites

Loyal readers are no doubt aware that we’ve created a number of new Web sites over the past year and that we’ve been transitioning content from the unleash.com domain to these new domains. Today I wanted to talk about how we are transitioning the traffic and page rank from Google …

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Is Your Computer Ready For Windows 10?

I told you a month ago that many of you can Claim Your Free Upgrade to Windows 10. The release in now less than 10 days away so it is time for all of us to start preparing. While the upgrade will be available soon, I advise you to wait …

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Claim Your Free Upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft has started to notify users that they are eligible to get a free upgrade to Windows 10. If you look in the tray on your taskbar, you may see a small Windows logo as shown on the left of the screenshot below. Click on that icon and follow the …

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