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Shiny Things and Rusty Metal For Your Designs

We’ve added another new collection of seamless textures and this is the first time we’ve revisited a category. Quite simply, we know that users love metallic textures and we wanted to deliver 140 more of them. If you are unclear of the many ways you can use these seamless textures, …

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Technology For Designs in Seamless Texture Collection

We’ve just released a new collection of seamless textures and it is our biggest one yet with 142 individual textures. Some of you may not know the many ways that you can use these in your designs so you may want to look at some of our free tutorials listed …

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Find Religion With New Value Priced Clipart Collection

There is one category of clipart I am asked about more than any other and that is religious graphics. Maybe it is because there are a lot of church newsletters being created in CorelDRAW or it could simply be that their beliefs mean they can’t get enough religious graphics. Whatever …

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Smileys Clipart Gives Your Designs New Emoticons

You’ve got a variety of emoticons and smileys to use on your smartphone and throughout social media. But what about your designs? We want you to have a lot of choices in your artwork and you’ll find quite a few in our second collection of Smileys. Some are happy, some …

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Background Check Not Needed for Weapons Clipart

Part of the culture here in Cave Creek is very Western and it is not unheard of to see a cowboy in the grocery store or even the bank with a pistol holstered on his hip. That certainly isn’t normal in other places. In honor of our local cowboys, we …

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Get On Your Bikes Clipart and Ride!

Those of you who have had the opportunity to visit Cave Creek no doubt noticed there was no shortage of both bicycles and motorcycles. Just recently I even saw one of the bikes from years ago with the giant front wheel and the small back wheel. Being surrounded by so …

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Stock Up on Household Items and Cleaning Supplies Via Clipart

If you were to talk to my friends, they would tell you that the kitchen and cleaning are two areas where you probably won’t find me. While I’m not very good in either of those areas, I might need to represent them in my designs. That’s exactly why we created …

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1400+ CorelDRAW Brushes and Four Hours of Tutorial Videos on DVD

One of the most popular ways for users to expand their CorelDRAW arsenal is to get some cool CorelDRAW brushes. We’ve been offering various packages of brushes for years as downloads along with more than four hours of video tutorials showing ways to use the brushes. We’ve now packaged all …

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More Than 1200 Seamless Textures For Your Design Arsenal

Seamless textures give you incredible flexibility with your designs and they can be used in almost in graphics software. We’ve published free tutorials showing you how to use them in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Xara Web Designer and on the Windows Desktop. They also work great in Adobe Photoshop, …

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CorelDRAW Unleashed Bonus Content Mega Pack Loaded With Value

The clipart added or removed in each new version of CorelDRAW is a big deal for some users. One loyal reader even contacted me recently and had created a PDF of only the new clipart from CorelDRAW X5 to X6. I didn’t count the number of new graphics, but I’m …

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