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Windows 7’s Amazing GodMode Folder

To the best of my knowledge, today’s tip will only work in Windows 7. So those of you who have yet to upgrade will have something to look forward to when you do upgrade. Open Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) by pressing the Windows key + E. Click the New …

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Double Outlines With Contour

CorelDRAW only allows a single outline to be applied to an object. Yet there is a way to get more than one outline quite easily using the contour effect. Let’s say that you want a double outline on some text with the middle of the two outlines being white. Basically …

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Get Good Artwork

OK, this tip just seems so obvious to me. I hear from users all the time who are disappointed by tracing software. The problem isn’t the software, it is that you are getting lousy artwork. When you put garbage in, you get garbage out. Somehow you need to get the …

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Importing AI, EPS and PDF with CorelDRAW X5

I feel that one of the biggest reasons to upgrade to each new version of CorelDRAW is to get the latest and greatest import and export filters. Today I’m going to focus on three import formats that users feel are extremely important and talk about some of the changes that …

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Quick Route to Windows Explorer

Often when I am helping a user solve a problem, I’ll ask the user to open Windows Explorer. It always surprises me that so many users have no idea what I’m talking about. First, Windows Explorer is not the same as Internet Explorer. Maybe you know Windows Explorer as “My …

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Adjust Power Settings

When you are working on a laptop, it is easy to appreciate the power settings. Set everything just right and you can extend the life of a battery charge. On a desktop system, the power settings can help you save electricity. But if those settings slow down your productivity, is …

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Turn Off the Eye Candy

We all want Windows to work as fast as possible, right? Part of the progress with Windows Vista and Windows 7 was the aero special effects. They look cool, but they also slow your system down. So if you care more about performance than eye candy, turn it off. Open …

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An Interesting Use of the Object Data Manager

The Object Data Manager is one of those features that has been incredibly useful to a small percentage of users while being ignored by the vast majority. I’m sure that one reason it isn’t used more often is that users just haven’t found a way it should be used. So …

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Memory and CorelDRAW

As much as I’ve tried to inform CorelDRAW users about the useless Memory setting, I still see it referenced on a regular basis. So I’m going to ask all of you to read a post from 2008 titled Memory Usage Setting Does Nothing. The most recent reference I saw to …

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Keep Your System Updated

I would find it hard to believe that any of you don’t have some Adobe product on your system. If nothing else, you probably have Adobe Reader to view and print PDF files. Adobe released some very important security updates that covered Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat and other Adobe products. …

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