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Thursday Tip: Choosing the Correct Color

There are many aspects to getting the right color. Part of the problem is calibrating your devices so the color you get on screen matches the color from your output devices. That is a massive subject that I tackle in my CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed book. One of the first hurdles …

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Thursday Tip: The Cool Switch

I was reading some information about Windows 7 and they talked about the entry-level version and its ability to run no more than three applications at a time. That would be painful for me since I’m always running at least five apps and probably more. Luckily that entry level version …

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Thursday Tip: File Naming Conventions

If you have been creating artwork for more than a few months, you have compiled thousands of files. Unfortunately, the more files you have, the harder it can be to find them. That’s why it is very important to come up with a file naming convention that works for you. …

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Thursday Tip: Don’t Open Bitmaps

Every now and then I see a user who complains that CorelDRAW can’t open a JPG or TIF or some other bitmap format. That’s correct, you can’t open any bitmap format in CorelDRAW. If you instead use the import command, they should work just fine. Remember that CorelDRAW’s primary purpose …

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Thursday Tip: Use the Settings Button

One of the best features in recent versions of CorelDRAW is the ability to Publish to PDF. This makes it very easy to create a file to send to others. Just yesterday I had someone call me completely stumped because fonts were not being embedded in the PDF files they …

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Thursday Tip: Include Non-Printing Notes in Your Files

I don’t use layers often in CorelDRAW. For my workflow, I just don’t find a great need for them. Today I’m going to describe a way that I think they can come in handy for you. Create a layer named “Notes” or something to that effect. If you are using …

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Thursday Tip: Changing Pages in Full Screen Preview

Do all of you use Full Screen Preview when working in CorelDRAW? It is the magic screen that shows only your artwork on the entire screen. No interface to distract you, just the artwork. You can take this preview even further by pressing the PageUp and PageDown keys on your …

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Thursday Tip: Update Your Protection

There was a lot of talk yesterday about the Conficker worm. The good news was that it was mostly talk and very few problems. I guess what surprises me is that so many computers are vulnerable when it is fairly easy to avoid most of these problems. I’m going to …

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Thursday Tip: The Default Font

Do you really want Arial to be the default font in all of your projects? Don’t worry, you can easily change it. With no objects selected, choose the Text tool in CorelDRAW. Change the font on the Property Bar to the one you want as the default. You’ll get a …

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Thursday Tip: Property Bar Calculator

The Property Bar in CorelDRAW can be used as a calculator. Let’s say you have a rectangle already drawn and you want it to be 2.5 times wider and taller. In the width box on the Property Bar, *2.5 after the current width and press Enter. Repeat for the height. …

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