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Tutorial Tuesday: Halftone Effect

Whether you need halftones for printing or you just want the look of halftones, there is a way to create the effect that you want. Richard Reilly, aka Fluid, gives you all the details in today’s tutorial. The Halftone Effect is especially important for screen printers. In order to create …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Transparent PNG Files

Has it really been 12 years since work began on the PNG file format? I believe it has. Back then it seemed like PNG would become mainstream before we partied like it was 1999. It took long than we expected, but PNG has finally become a format in use all …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Best Web Graphics

CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT are very popular tools for creating Web graphics. Notice I said graphics, not the HTML code for the page. If you don’t have a good handle on how to best utilize the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to create graphics for the Web, it is very easy to …

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Tutorial Tuesday: 50+ Body Enhancement Tutorials

No matter the subject of the photograph, there is always something that someone feels needs to be fixed. This can include fixing red eyes, weight loss, a virtual boob or nose job, teeth whitening and much more. In total, there are over 50 separate tutorials on body enhancement techniques. For …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Fire and Ice

For today’s tutorial I’m going to go down under to the Visionary Voyager site. David Mutch has created some great tutorials for Corel PHOTO-PAINT. For me, the Fire and Ice tutorials create the most stunning effects. While the tutorials are a few years old, they work in Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9 …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Glossy Lettering

I got an e-mail from someone today wanting to learn a number of different things in CorelDRAW. One of the desired techniques was “enhanced lettering”. Certainly that can take a number of different forms depending on a user’s needs. Today’s tutorial will teach you how to create Glossy Lettering and …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Website Magazine

Instead of telling you about a single tutorial today, I’m going to tell you about a magazine that you can get for free that will provide you a regular source of information. Website Magazine caters to those in the business of running a Web site. I’ve been receiving it since …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Dancing in the Dark in the Park

A common question I see users ask is how to access the “clip art” in the symbols section of the CorelDRAW content manual. The first thing you need to know is that it isn’t clip art. They are symbol fonts and the individual graphics are characters in the font. Once …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Athletic Tails

In the world of sports apparel, there are a handful of effects that are used quite often. One of those techniques is the use of an athletic tail. That’s where the last letter in the word makes a huge swooshing tail underlining the entire word. Typically another word appears in …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Custom Buttons and Toolbars

If you want to take your productivity in CorelDRAW to a new level, one of the best ways is to customize the program to work exactly as you want. You can do this by customizing the buttons, shortcut keys, menus and much more. Combine this with macros and you can …

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