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Weekend Widget: TweakVI

No matter which version of Windows you use, they are so many settings buried beneath the surface that there is no way for anyone to know about all the changes. That’s where a utility like TweakVI comes into play. TweakVI is designed to tweak the settings and optimize Windows Vista. …

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Weekend Widget: Nero 9

The folks at Nero have just released the latest version of their popular tool. With each new upgrade there are numerous new features added to the product. In the beginning it was just a tool for burning CD-ROMs and now it tackles numerous multimedia tasks in addition to the burning …

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Weekend Widget: Irfanview

Sometimes a full featured image editor is just too much. That is the case when you simply want a quick way to view some files. In those scenarios, I have a tool that fits my needs perfectly. And you can’t beat the price since it is completely free. Irfanview allows …

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Weekend Widget: Genetica 3.0

Ever since I first start using Genetica, I’ve been a huge fan. So what exactly does it do? It allows you to create, modify and render all different types of textures. The resulting textures can be used in many different programs, including CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT as bitmap pattern fills. …

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Weekend Widget: WinZip 12

Not a day goes by where I don’t have to deal with zip files. I’m often working with them constantly each day. Yes, there is native support for the basics built in to Windows, but is that enough for your needs? I can’t remember when I first starting using WinZip. …

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Weekend Widget: Picasa 3 Beta

There are a number of applications out there for managing your digital photos. Some of the applications have a pretty hefty price and yet one of the best applications is absolutely free. Google recently released a beta of Picasa3. Obviously the price is right. As much as I work with …

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Weekend Widget: True BoxShot

There is no doubt you’ve seen cool three-dimensional product shots on Web sites or in printed catalogs. You’ve probably wondered how they were created. Today’s pick is True BoxShot and it makes the process incredibly easy. The box shot shown at right is a product of the software. In reality …

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Thursday Tip: Anti-Virus Pros and Cons

Today’s post is somewhat of a hybrid post. You’ll certainly get a tip, but it also has some software suggestions so it could also fall into the weekend widget category. I often see questions from users who either have trouble installing software or installing a patch or service pack. Of …

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Weekend Widget: @icon sushi

A common question I hear from users is how to use CorelDRAW and/or Corel PHOTO-PAINT to create icons, specifically in the ICO format. Yes, there is an ICO export filter. Unfortunately it probably won’t do what you desire. We need to use a helper application to do it right. My …

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Weekend Widget: ST Thumbnails Explorer

How do you keep track of all the graphics on your computer? If you are strictly working with CDR files, I certainly hope you are using ROMCat! But what happens when you need to track CDR, CPT, TIF, PNG, PDF, AI, EPS and many other formats? That’s where the ST …

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