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Tutorial Tuesday: Creating Distressed Text in CorelDRAW

Users are always wondering how to create unique looking text effects. One example of that is distressed text and the Creating Distressed Text in CorelDRAW tutorial shows you various ways to accomplish the task. After trying each of the methods discussed, I’m sure you’ll think of some other techniques to …

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Macro Monday: Shelby’s Palette Link Professional

I’m constantly using different palettes with the files I create and edit. Often I have to open and close palettes so that I have the right one available for the file I have open. Shelby’s Palette Link Professional allows you to link a specific palette to a CorelDRAW file. That …

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Attachments Grayed-out in Outlook Express?

Here’s a GIF movie that shows the option you need to un-check in order to to access attachments. Note: CDR’s and PDF’s are both considered “suspicious”. In order for us to get work done, you’ll need to email these types of files from time to time. Your recipients need to …

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Fab Fill: Metallic Flower

Looking for the perfect fill to use on a vehicle wrap? Or maybe just a cool background for a brochure? The Metallic Flower seamless texture combines a metallic look with a bunch of spiked areas. As a seamless texture, it can be tiled to any size you desire and each …

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Weekend Widget: Stripfile

Did you know that files you post on the Web often have extra information in them? As an example, JPG files taken with a digital camera often carry EXIF data. This tells you more about the file, but only serves to add a little extra to the size of a …

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Font Friday: KR B’Ball

Those of you in the United States know that this weekend is all about the madness of college basketball. In all there are 48 games between Thursday and Sunday. So i felt it was only appropriate to find a font related to basketball. That led me to KR B’Ball. Each …

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Thursday Tip: Property Bar Calculator

The Property Bar in CorelDRAW can be used as a calculator. Let’s say you have a rectangle already drawn and you want it to be 2.5 times wider and taller. In the width box on the Property Bar, *2.5 after the current width and press Enter. Repeat for the height. …

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Excellent solution for filling shapes with semi-transparent tiles

This macro allows quick use of any shapes (including complex vector elements and/or bitmaps) as fills for other shapes. For the first time in CorelDRAW, complete transparency is supported within a tiling mechanism for fantastic results (including merge modes.) You can also easily layer different tiles or shapes within the …

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Palette Link Professional

About 4 months ago, I wondered if it was possible to have any specific palette open and close with a document. I checked with MacroMonster Shelby, and he made it happen! This macro allows you to have existing palettes linked to specific CorelDRAW files, so they open & close with …

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Live Fillet macro.. many updates!

This macro made by Shelby allows for live results of Fillets, Scallops, & Chamfers – all new updated features!!! Basically it’s a new product… if your one of the many customers who bought the earlier version, you get the updated version for free! Go to the site to see the …

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Terrific Template: Erin Go Braugh

With St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, I thought I should provide a link to some artwork celebrating the day. The Erin Go Braugh design is saved as a layered Photoshop file, but it will open just fine in Corel PHOTO-PAINT or can be imported into CorelDRAW. For those of you doing …

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Fab Fill: Thick Herringbone

Today is a big day for fans of college basketball in the United States. Later this afternoon we will all find out the brackets for the tournament in the center of March Madness. It certainly is one of my favorite events of the year and it was especially satisfying when …

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Weekend Widget: WeBuilder 2008

Anyone who has been designing Web sites for any period of time has probably found the product that works best for them and is very resistant to change. That is definitely the situation with me. I’ve been using a product called HomeSite for well over ten years now. During that …

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Font Friday: Celtic Fonts

We are only a few days away from St. Patrick’s Day where we all celebrate being Irish for a day. That means it is time to look for some fonts to fit the occasion. I actually found six free Celtic fonts for you. Download each of them and you’ll already …

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Thursday Tip: Moving the Rulers

This hidden gem goes back to very early versions of CorelDRAW so it should work for any version you are using. It is sometimes handy to move the rulers a little closer to your design. Simply Shift-click on the ruler and drag it out over your page. If you are …

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