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Just For Fun: Balloon Racer

As part of CorelDRAW’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, a special game has been created that allows you to fly the Corel balloon through the 20 year history of the product. Balloon Racer is a fun little game (completely free) that you play inside your browser by navigating the balloon using the …

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Weekend Widget: Sib Icon Editor

There are a number of different file formats you can create with Corel PHOTO-PAINT, but it isn’t really geared towards creating icon files. Sure, you can create the art in Corel PHOTO-PAINT or your favorite image editor. But you’ll need some other software to help you save that artwork in …

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News of the Day: Corel Painter 11 Released

Corel has released the latest version of their natural media painting program, Painter 11. For those who have never used Painter, it isn’t just another imaging editing program. It makes you feel as if you have a brush in your hand. And it is the application that truly shows off …

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Eight New Themed Topics Added to Blog Rotation

If you have been reading the blog for a while, you know that we added seven themed topics last summer. Each of those themes is tied to a specific day of the week and archived on the Web site. Those topics are Macro Monday, Tutorial Tuesday, Hump Day Hardware, Thursday …

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Thursday Tip: Speed Up File Operations in CorelDRAW X4

Some users of CorelDRAW X4 complain that file operations like opening and saving are much slower than in previous versions. Others don’t experience these problems. I’m one of the lucky ones in that regard, but viewing a folder full of CDR files in Windows Explorer was painfully slow. After talking …

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Hump Day Hardware: Senseo Coffee Machines

I sometimes get a puzzled look from users as they arrive at the CorelDRAW Unleashed Boot Camp. They want to start their day with a cup of coffee and they don’t see a full pot waiting for them. We definitely have coffee for them, we just brew it one cup …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Parallel Lines

I remember attending a presentation done by someone at Corel many years ago. In it, they described how a feature goes from a request to the drawing board to part of CorelDRAW. The feature used as an example was drawing parallel lines. Yet no such feature exists in the program …

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Macro Monday: Jeff’s PHOTO-PAINT Tools

When you are doing production work in Corel PHOTO-PAINT, it is often necessary to perform some functions quite often. None of them is particularly difficult, but it may take several steps to accomplish each task. Jeff’s PHOTO-PAINT Tools makes all of these functions easier by reducing the tasks to a …

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Sunday Stock: Mardi Gras

The calendar gets the best of me sometimes. This year has definitely passed faster than most and I didn’t even realize that Mardi Gras (Carnival) was upon us until a friend mentioned it a couple of days ago. That led me to search for some artwork with a Mardi Gras …

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Does working with text in CorelDRAW X4 seem slow?

You probably know that the new “live text” feature is slowing you down. If you have a very powerful system less than 2 or 3 years old, Live Text might update or redraw at a reasonable rate for you.What about everyone else? Not every artist has a new computer, and …

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Weekend Widget: FotoFusion

A few months ago I was doing some training and one of the users told me about FotoFusion. That evening I looked at the Web site and was intrigued by the product. I told myself that once I got some of that elusive free time, I’d download the trial and …

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Font Friday: President

This week has had a real presidential theme. It started out with President’s Day (US holiday), then President Obama visited Phoenix (my hometown) on Wednesday. Yesterday President Obama was in Ottawa (Corel’s hometown). So I thought it was only appropriate to tie it all together with a font by the …

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Thursday Tip: Treat As Filled

There are a handful of default settings in CorelDRAW that I absolutely detest. I can argue that they are the wrong settings for me, but other users really like these settings so they do have value to someone. Today I’m going to vent about the Treat as Filled setting. When …

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Hump Day Hardware: Power Supplies

In January I talked about various components that make up the guts of a computer. When we talk about motherboards, powerful processors, memory, graphics cards, hard drives and more; we have to also talk about something to provide a steady source of clean power to all of those components. Over …

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