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Image rescue

Here was a pic that needed some repair. The original provided was at left, my repair attempt at right. click on image for more detail….

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Macro Monday: Brian Davies Rectangle Creator

Brian Davies has created several cool (yet free) macros. His latest allows you to create rectangles at exact sizes. It is great for creating border rectangles around your page. At this price, it is definitely worth a download!

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Sunday Stock: Sports Logos

I frequently hear of users trying to find logos of professional and college sports teams. One reason you don’t see them sold as collections is that they require licensing fees to be used legally. I recently came across a site that has a wide variety of sports logos you can …

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Weekend Widget: Startup Control Panel

How many programs do you have loading when you start Windows? And of those, how many of them do you really need? Most users have way too much junk loading and it just slows down their computer. For those who aren’t yet on Vista, a great solution is Startup Control …

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Opening PDF’s for editing in Draw

A user asked: I am attempting to import a PDF file into Corel so I can do some editing. When I copied and pasted the file into Corel the quality was extremely bad, so I tried to import the file and got a bunch of crazy symbols where the text …

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Font Friday: Diskontented

With all the crazy financial news these days, there are probably more than a few of you feeling discontented. So how about we pick a font of a very similar name, Diskontented. This is a free download and definitely provides a simple grunge font.

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Thursday Tip: Quick and Dirty Screen Captures

In a given year, I do well over a thousand screen captures to use in my training materials. There are several very good utilities on the market to assist in this area. Probably the most comprehensive is TechSmith’s SnagIt. Corel includes the Corel CAPTURE utility in the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite …

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Hump Day Hardware: Brother GT-782

This is definitely the biggest piece of hardware I’ve ever covered in my weekly Hump Day Hardware. Not only is it big in size, it is a big development in the world of garment printing. The headline of the press release reads “Brother International Corporation Unveils New High-End Dual Platen …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Exporting PNG File From CorelDRAW

PNG files are fast becoming a very popular choice on Web sites because they support a full alpha-channel for transparency. They also provide a great way to load transparent bitmaps into Microsoft Office. In today’s tutorial, Jeff Harrison shows you how to export transparent PNG files directly from CorelDRAW. You …

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Macro Monday: Navigator Remote

The Navigator in Corel PHOTO-PAINT is a great way to move around a large photo. Unfortunately you have to bring it up every time you want to use it. Today’s macro provides a variation on the Navigator that stays on screen at all times. Navigator Remote is available for Corel …

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Sunday Stock: Andy Nortnik Clip Art

I recently discovered an artist doing some really cool retro clip art and we proudly feature the artwork on the Graphics Unleashed Web site. No, it isn’t free. But with a cost of no more than $10 per collection, you’re getting a lot of value from each collection. You’ll also …

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Weekend Widget: TweakVI

No matter which version of Windows you use, they are so many settings buried beneath the surface that there is no way for anyone to know about all the changes. That’s where a utility like TweakVI comes into play. TweakVI is designed to tweak the settings and optimize Windows Vista. …

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Be honest with yourself…

Do you struggle with rebuilding logos and drawing shapes in general? All vector artists stumble around in the dark for far too long. I was one too… Check out a few comments below from very satisfied customers: Customer Comment received on Oct. 7, 2008: Jeff, I’ve been using X3 for …

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Special Deal on CorelDRAW X4 Software

Corel has a special deal available on CorelDRAW X4 upgrades and the full version. The full version sells for $399 ($30 off the list price) and the upgrade sells for $189 ($10 off the list price). Please make sure to buy the boxed version so you get all of the …

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Font Friday: You Murderer BB

Wow, the the name of this week’s font really caught my eye. I was looking for a font that would fit well with the upcoming Halloween holiday. The designer claims he dipped his finger in wet ink and rubbed it on bristol board to try and simulate bloody writing on …

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Thursday Tip: Erasing Parts of Lines While Drawing

Have you ever made a mistake when drawing a line? I think we all have. That’s where today’s tip can save you some time and trouble. When you are drawing with the Freehand tool (F5) in CorelDRAW, hold down the Shift key and go backwards over the part of the …

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Hump Day Hardware: Computer System

In my hump day hardware series, I have talked about various components for your computer. Today let’s focus on the brains in your computer. We’ll go over the choices for your processor and the amount of memory you should have installed. Processor: The first decision is between Intel and AMD …

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