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Make Corel’s Help Files Easier to Read

One person asked: Here’s a no-doubt remedial question: how can I get the text size in the Help window of CorelDRAW bigger? On my high-res monitor it’s almost unreadable. Is this a Windows Help System matter? Os created a utility that allows one to adjust the font size for Corel’s …

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Two Great Books on Shapes for Designers

I have to admit that the two titles I’m going to describe were unknown to me and seemed relatively obscure. Part of the reason for this is that the books are published by a German publisher and so the books really weren’t on my radar. At least not until I …

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The Evolution of the Google Logo

I’m assuming that most of you are graphic designers. Thus, you are interested in how to create the best designs possible for your clients. Google went from nowhere to one of the most influential companies on the planet in ten years. But how was their logo born? The folks at …

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Misleading dialog when opening X4 files in X3

When opening newer CorelDRAW files in earlier versions, a dialog used to pop up. It warned that the file you were trying to open was created in a newer version of CorelDRAW. This is clear and true. However, when attempting to open an CorelDRAW X4 file in CorelDRAW X3, this …

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Corel Launched in May 2007. Many new faces and names showed up, excited by the new resource for CorelDRAW users. New… relative to what? The Cnews Newsgroups. Corel’s Cnews Newsgroup Server has been in existence for perhaps 10-15 years. However, unless someone was at least at an intermediate computer …

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DecoStudio Takes Embroidery to a Higher Level

If you are currently a Corel DRAWings user, the last couple of weeks have probably been very confusing for you. Those of you not using Corel DRAWings to turn your artwork into stitches should give the new guy in town a long look. Corel DRAWings was a partnership between Corel …

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Add Flair to Your Presentations

I’ve talked many times about the very cool WildPresenter Pro application. Sometimes it is hard to describe exactly what it does because it does so many things. I guess that is why the folks at Wildform have released a new version and renamed it Flair. That’s a pretty good description …

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Fountain Fills in Draw – Something you probably didn’t know

Special rare information from Alex Vakulenko, edited a bit: NOTE: this does not apply to CorelDRAW X3 or X4.. CorelDRAW has two different ways of applying fountain fills – through the Fountain Fill Dialog as well as using the Interactive Fill Tool. The results are different! The Interactive Fill tool …

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PSI Service required for CorelDRAW X4 to Run

Most users wouldn’t notice this kind of thing, but the hard-core folks who like to run their computers lean & mean should take note. I have a registered ver of X4. I was doing some intense stuff where I wanted all unnecessary processes killed, incl. the PSI service. When I …

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CorelDRAW X4 Font List

One of the questions that always arises with new versions goes something like “so what fonts are included?” As a writer, I often get my hands on the discs a little before the public and I do have a copy of the DVD for CorelDRAW X4 in my hot little …

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ROMCat and CorelDRAW X4

Upon seeing this title, I can see many of you ready to click on the link to download the new ROMCat and catalog for CorelDRAW X4. Unfortunately I’ve got some bad news to report. There won’t be a new version of ROMCat for quite some time and it is possible …

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Photos Included in CorelDRAW X4 Greatly Improved

You looked over the feature list of the CorelDRAW X4 Graphics Suite and there were some things that probably caught your eye. As you got to the end of the list, some of the “extras” were listed. In this post I’ll specifically address the line reading “1,000 professional, high-resolution digital …

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Easier Searching and Bookmarking

We’ve made a few changes to the interface of the Graphics Unleashed Web site in the last couple of weeks. Our goal is to make the site even more useful to you. These changes are small changes overall, but we hope their usefulness outweighs the size of the change. Users …

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CorelDRAW X4 Education Edition Delivers VBA

In a previous post, you know I have been very critical about the Student and Teacher (Academic) Edition of CorelDRAW X3 because it does not include VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). I’ve got good news for you. The Education (still Academic) Edition of CorelDRAW X4 does include VBA. It still …

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CorelDRAW X4 – Cool things, and some Quick Fixes

Some new things about the recently released CorelDRAW X4: Powertrace doesn’t always “knock-out” the trace results anymore, this is much better IMO.. for everyone, really. Why? 1. Vinyl guys can layer stuff properly again2. No more workarounds for exporting art that in X3 had those dreadful anti-aliasing lines between shapes. …

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Using Photo-Paint’s Selective Color command

I stumbled across this photo where the person has a serious color issue on his face. To follow along; 1. Double Click on the image for a clear version. 2. Copy this image right off this web page (right click on it, copy ) and paste into Photo-PAINT. Open PP, …

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Corel Takes New Direction for Embroidery

Corel has been marketing the DRAWings package for a few years now. It combined CorelDRAW with embroidery software from Wings Systems. That era has ended and a new one has begun. Today Corel announced DecoStudio, a blending of CorelDRAW and embroidery technology from Wilcom. Not only does DecoStudio handle embroidery, …

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