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Add a Longhorn Feature Now

If you are a Windows user, you’ve undoubtedly heard that Microsoft plans to release the next version—codenamed Longhorn—sometime in 2006. There are a number of new features that are planned. Some of them are deep within the system while others are more cosmetic. The good news is that some of …

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Stock Layouts to Support CorelDRAW

You may or may not have heard about Stock Layouts. They have a series of templates for many of the popular page layout applications. I don’t think the word templates really does the product justice though. The graphic elements are all placed. Text boxes flow around those elements. Where these …

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Tech Support Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Stories abound about horrible experiences with tech support. There is no doubt that there are a lot of people working in tech support that just can’t answer the questions asked of them. Even worse, many of the people asking the questions don’t even provide the most basic information. I’ll give …

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A Gap in the Continuum

Those of you who have found the Graphics Unleashed blog have no doubt noticed that there have been a lack of posts for the past twenty plus days. It all started, or stopped, when I took a vacation in French Polynesia to celebrate a milestone birthday. Then from the summer …

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Great Texture Plug-in

I recently discovered really cool Map | Zone plug-in filter for creating seamless textures. Based on their promotion, it is targeted at users doing 3D rendering. The good news is that it is also useful for those of us who do image editing. I can already see several ways that …

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Microsoft to protect us from Microsoft

Microsoft has given us all an operating system that gets attacked on a regular basis from Spyware, viruses and more. Now they have decided to give us tools to fight and/or remove these problems. Today they made available a free anti-spyware tool. Of course, the only way to get it …

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Beginning of the blog

This post is the first post in the Graphics Unleashed blog. There will be days when several new posts are added. It is also possible that several days will pass between posts. You’ll find information on new products useful to graphics software. If I find a good tip, I’ll put …

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