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Tech News Digest para el 26 de mayo de, 2017

Star Wars came out 40 years ago? Really? Wow, I feel old. iPhone 8, Sprint and T-Mobile, AT&T and short GoT episodes. Yes, a lot of phone-related news again this week. A new drone, sandwich definitions, Mister Rogers cardigans and much more are covered in this weeks news. Click the …

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Contornos escala en directo


There’s a way to do it! Group the Contour and your shape/text together first. Then start scaling! Special Thanks to Ronny Axelsson from Sweden for this interesting tip. Watch the video:

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Tech News Digest for May 19, 2017

This week was absolutely dominated by the WannaCry ransomware attack. If you are on Windows XP, PLEASE upgrade now! If you don’t have really good anti-virus software, PLEASE get the awesome ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Suite. And for those who aren’t backing up their computers at least weekly, get with it …

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Webcams tres a tener en cuenta para llamadas de video

Last week I wrote about the Echo Show and one of its big new features is making video calls. Of course the ability to make video calls isn’t unique to the Echo Show and is not even that new. I’ve been making video calls through Skype for nearly a decade. …

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Protéjase del peligroso WannaCry ransomware

One of the worst Ransomware infections is going on right now. Please prepare yourself so that your data isn’t taken hostage. If you haven’t heard about it, read about this widespread form of malware. While the initial malware has been slowed, new variants are still out there running wild. How …

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Tech News Digest for May 12, 2017

Getting the Tech News out last week was stressful with my computer not working. Now it is working well and I tried to find a little bit extra for this week’s edition. There is food, both chicken nuggets and tomatoes. You’ll find competing home automation speakers. Windows needs to die, …

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Tech News Digest for May 5, 2017

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! This week’s edition of Tech News has fewer headlines than normal. I installed the latest Windows Updates and now my primary computer won’t boot. So I’ve had to spend time getting it running again. Thankfully the data is all safe. Enjoy the headlines below and I’ll …

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Asus 32 pulgadas 4K ProArt monitor

Having a fast computer is great. But I find that many users allocate the majority of their budget to the computer and the monitor is more of an afterthought. The strange thing is that a really good monitor can easily outlast a computer. As an example, I invested in a …

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Tech News Digest 28 de abril, 2017

Sólo si se incluye a cabo Blackberry, que están de vuelta. Es demasiado poco y demasiado tarde? Y cuando pensamos neutralidad de la red se resolvió, que está de vuelta en la mesa de nuevo. anuncios trimestrales han llegado, que es ganar dinero y quién no lo es? Estas son sólo algunas de las historias de ...

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Corel ha lanzado de revisión Importante para CorelDRAW X8 y 2017

Si está utilizando CorelDRAW X8 o CorelDRAW 2017, que ha de haber encontrado que no pondría en marcha en los últimos días. Corel ha lanzado una revisión que se debe conseguir que funcione de nuevo. Ir a la página de soporte de Corel para descargar la revisión. Habíamos notado que X8 Corel PHOTO-PAINT ...

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