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New Wacom Intuos Tablets Give Designers Creativity

Loyal readers know that I believe all designers should have a graphics tablet as an input device. I wrote Everyone Should Have a Wacom Tablet, Here Are The Two Best Options last fall giving the reasons and two great options. Just to clarify, we aren’t tablet about tablets running iOS …

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Perform a Security Audit, Use Stronger Tools

I’ve written about various maintenance issues in the last ten days. From a design standpoint, I wrote When Did You Last Polish Up Your Portfolio? as a portfolio is a very important tool to show off your work. There were also two posts on tools for keeping your computer running …

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When Did You Last Polish Up Your Portfolio?

Most artists have some sort of a portfolio that shows off the work they’ve done. I have a book of what I consider some of my best photos. But the latest portfolio I’ve been building is online projects. The page is still a big work in progress, but the Web …

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QNAP TVS-871 NAS Stores Terabytes of Data Safely

We’ve been using a NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive in our office for quite a few years. It is a great backup device since any single drive can completely fail and there will be no data loss. Just replace the bad drive and the data will be rebuilt. If you …

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Stage Photos Before Clicking the Shutter

Now that nearly everyone has a digital camera, businesses will often try to save money by shooting their own photos. This is often the case for photos I receive for Web design projects. Unfortunately many of the photos have severe flaws because the scene wasn’t properly staged before the shutter …

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Install Tiles in Your Artwork With New Seamless Textures Collection

You may be designing a brochure, artwork or vehicle wrap, applying a cool surface to a 3D rendering or just modifying your Windows desktop, seamless textures provide infinite possibilities. A new collection of seamless textures featuring 144 different tiles patterns has been added to our Textures Unleashed collections. If you …

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One Day Lifetime Update Sale on System Mechanic Pro

In the last year, I’ve written a few times about System Mechanic Pro. If you want to read the previous posts, I’ve included links below. iolo System Mechanic 14 Professional Restores Computer Speed iolo System Mechanic 14 Professional Revisited System Mechanic 14.5 Delivers New Ways to Accelerate Internet Speed The …

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Fixing A Dark Photo for National Dog Day

Yesterday was National Dog Day and I wanted to honor my dog Freckles. As I looked through old photos, I found a whole series that were severely underexposed as shown in the JPG file below. If you are shooting with a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera, I’ve always recommended …

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Quickly Tinting Seamless Textures To Match Color Scheme

Recently I was making some changes to the CorelDRAW Unleashed and Vehicle Templates Unleashed sites and I wanted to integrate seamless textures into the headers and footers of those sites. I turned to our Textures Unleashed collections to find the perfect texture to use as a starting point. For both …

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Google OnHub WiFi Router and Smart Home Hub

You may have heard that Google changed the company name to Alphabet. You’ll find CEO Larry Page’s explanation for the change on the G is for Google blog post. In short, there are many smaller companies that make up the new Alphabet of which Google is one piece. This is …

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Optimize Menus To Fit Available Space

I’ve been contacted by a few clients for Web sites recently that would like my help in making their sites better. In several cases, the menu at the top of the site suffered from having too many choices at the top level. One of the examples is shown below and …

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AbstractCurves Photoshop Plug-In Updated To Support 64-Bit

In January I wrote AbstractCurves Is Powerful Plug-In For Creating Unique Background Artwork. At that time, the one limitation is that it only worked in 32-bit image editing hosts. Of course I’ve said many times that users should install the 32-bit version of CorelDRAW X6 and X7 for this reason …

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