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Alexander Penkin’s Effects for Cut Updated

It now works with CorelDRAW X7. This macro offers: Shadow offset shadow cast shadow perspective shadow Extrude parallel extrude perspective extrude Slice circles Slice lines Slice sectors Multilines Fillet, scallop, chamfer Highlight Vertical text Outline calligraphy New features added back on May 15/2013 Slicing: by size with overlapping The length …

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Alexander Penkin’s VariablesTool 2 Updated

It now works with CorelDRAW X7. More Info here. This macro: makes a copies of the objects (Now allows you to create symbols to reduce file size) makes a copies of the objects with replacement of text, images and QR codes (now allowing hi-resolution bitmap output as a choice for …

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Using The Proper Colors in CorelDRAW, Including Black

Even if you only output black and white to your laser engraver, it is extremely important to use the right colors and the right color management settings. Yes, there are different mixtures of black, white and every other color. In this tutorial, I’ll go over the proper color management settings …

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Spring Cleaning Spruces Up Old Tutorials

Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t write any blogs over the holiday weekend. Like you, I decided to take a short break and enjoy some time with friends. While there may not have been any new blogs, I did do some spring cleaning on very old content …

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Antiques in Wichita? Wichita Antique Fonts!

Loyal readers will remember last fall when the Cave Creek Geek Dined at Auntie Mae’s Cafe. Of all the videos I’ve posted so far, that is one of my favorites since the restaurant is named after my mom. This week would have been her 85th birthday so it seemed an …

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Heartbleed Bug and Graphics Unleashed

There is a lot of talk in the last few days about the Heartbleed Bug. It is a coding error in the OpenSSL protocol that can leave a hole for hackers to steal information. If you want to read all of the technical details, you can visit The Heartbleed Bug …

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Kurt Reviews HTC One Max Smartphone

Most of us are on our second or even our third smartphone at this point. Others may be investigating their first one. I know that I will soon be trading in my current phone for what I find to be the latest and greatest. Kurt von Behrmann has reviewed the …

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What Can Designers Learn From Spammers and Scammers?

Yesterday I told you about all the extra junk you’ll often receive when you install free software. As designers, we can all learn something from the tactics used by the scams involved in getting you to install the extra junk. These lessons can also come from the spam that floods …

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Twitter Header Template Updated for 2014 Redesign

Less than two weeks ago, I made available an updated Facebook Fan Page Cover Template for 2014 Redesign. The new layout has not yet been introduced on the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page, though we’ve already uploaded our new cover photo in preparation. Now it is Twitter’s turn to redesign their …

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