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Dealing With Problematic Windows Updates

Someone posted a comment on a previous post and I thought it was a question that I should also pass along to all readers as the answer can be quite important. First, let’s look at the question: for the past 2 nights my computer has done an automatic update. in …

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Food Unleashed Volume 1 Will Fill Your Design Hunger

Feeling a little hungry? If not, the latest collection of vector clipart in the Clipart Unleashed family will make you a bit hungry. All of the 225 files in this collection are provided in three separate formats and they are broken into 9 separate categories: alcohol, beverages, bread-carbs, dairy, desserts, …

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Explorer++ Offers a Free Alternative to Windows Explorer

If you are a Windows user, one piece of software you use regularly is Windows Explorer (named File Explorer in Windows 8). Don’t confuse this with Internet Explorer (hopefully you are using a better browser already). Windows Explorer is often labeled as “Computer” or “My Computer” and it is what …

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Gumtuckey Font Will Stick to Your Designs

So is the name of today’s font an amalgamation of gum and Kentucky? Maybe. All I know is that I look at the characters and the bumps on the bottom of each character make me think of the ghosts in Pacman. Gobble up those ghosts just like Pacman by downloading …

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Blog E-mail Subscriptions to be Transitioned on Friday

The vast majority of loyal readers get the blog delivered to their e-mail inbox each day. We will be making some changes on Friday that we hope will be seamless to you. What you may notice is that the e-mails will start coming from a different provider. That new provider …

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I Only Need to Learn How to Do This One Thing

It seems like every day I get a call from someone saying “I only need to know how to do this one thing in CorelDRAW, do you have something covering it.” First and foremost, it is clear the person needs to know a lot more than “one thing” as a …

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Bazinga! The Many T-Shirts of Sheldon Cooper

I admit it, I’m a geek. There might even be some of you that are also in the geek club. Many of us geeks love to watch Sheldon Cooper and his many adventures on The Big Bang Theory. I’m sure a fair number of you also enjoy the show. As …

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Add Fiber to Your Designs With 128 Seamless Textures

Seamless textures give you the ability to fill objects in your design with patterns of realism. A new collection has been added to Textures Unleashed Lite that is filled with 128 cloth, fiber and weave patterns for use in all your favorite design software. Not sure how you can use …

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Free Speccy Utility Gives You Detailed Computer Specs

A few days ago I told you that Technical Support Sucks and You Are Partly to Blame. Today I have another example and an easy, free tool to help you get the answers needed. If you are contacting technical support and they ask you about the hardware in your computer, …

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Make Your Design a Rogue Hero With These Eleven Fonts

At least in the movies, a rogue hero is appreciated. I’m sure they can also be appreciated in real life, though no immediate examples come to my mind. One rogue hero you’ll definitely appreciate is the series of eleven free fonts available today. Insert some heroics into your designs by …

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Full List of Facebook Emoticons for Chat and Comments

Facebook Emoticons List

If you use Facebook, you’ve probably seen others including graphic emoticons in their comments or in a chat message. Do you know the keystrokes for these emoticons? I’ve put together a graphic showing all of them below, along with the keystrokes to get each of them. You may feel the …

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Samsung 840 Pro 6 GB/S SATA SSD Drive

I’ve talked many times about SSD drives. They are incredibly fast (many times faster than a mechanical drive), but cost more than a traditional mechanical hard drive. So the ideal setup is to have your operating system installed on the SSD drive and your software/data on a mechanical drive. This …

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Setting Up a Windows Computer From Scratch

I hear from users all the time who are complaining that their computer just doesn’t run very well. While I do have the occasional issue on my systems, they are minor compared to the issues other users have. There is no doubt in my mind that I have fewer problems …

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