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Tech News Digest for October 21, 2016

The news about Samsung’s faulty Note 7 continues and a new contender from Google becomes a potential replacement. Technology to make mobile devices far faster could be in the works. Are gigs good for the economy? Are tablets bad for football? What is the perfect dish to eat while watching …

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Tech News Digest for October 14, 2016

The biggest news of the week was the second and final recall of Samsung’s Note 7. As one who flew in the last week, it was even singled out at the airport. Samsung was also in the news for their Supreme Court battle with Apple. Google’s own phone, Pixel, may …

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Tech News Digest for October 7, 2016

The biggest announcements this week came from Google as they told us about new phones, Wi-Fi and a competitor to the Amazon Echo. Of course they are also one of the companies thought to be interested in buying Twitter. It sounds as if a sale will happen in the near …

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Tech News Digest for September 30, 2016

Some of the stories in this week’s tech news are truly out of this world. Yup, they are about Mars. It is highly likely Twitter will get purchased and Google is interested. How it can easily integrate with YouTube. Slow Internet? We’ve got a link to help. Have you tried …

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Tech News Digest for September 23, 2016

Google wants to help you travel, Stripe wants to help you get paid, Facebook and Twitter are sick of giving you fake news, iPhones aren’t perfect though a dog has eight of them, fitness trackers may not help, new ways to get fast Internet and more are found in the …

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Tech News Digest for September 16, 2016

iPhones are exploding in sales, through you may wait to wait awhile on updating your other idevices to iOS 10. When you do update, I’ve got a couple of links on how to get the most out of it. Samsung Note 7’s are truly exploding, have been recalled and a …

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Tech News Digest for September 9, 2016

This week’s headlines were dominated by the announcement of the latest iPhones and the lack of a headphone jack. We’ll see if this was a huge mistake or a genius move for Apple. Samsung had a costly problem with their new phones. Amazon also has a new tablet, but it …

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Tech News Digest for September 2, 2016

Hackers are at it again, but part of the problem is that half of you fall for their obvious tricks. Intel has a new chip, Samsung has a new watch and a new iPhone is coming soon. Google adds image editing features, Facebooks trending changes fail and Microsoft has a …

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Tech News Digest for August 26, 2016

I encourage you all to look through this list carefully. By far the coolest is the last one that allows you to do virtual walkthroughs of the US National Parks. There are also warnings about malware on computers, phone insecurities, Windows 10 update bugs and the latest in social media. …

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Tech News Digest for August 19, 2016

Recent changes at Facebook and Instagram, more about Windows 10, the latest rumors on new phones and tablets, a way to battle ransomware and the headline of the year are all featured in this week’s tech news. Of course, there is even more. Read the various articles and catch up …

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