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March 18, 2005

I really like Paint Shop Photo Album for managing photos. Given that I use a lot of Corel software, it only makes sense to use the product. Except there is one good reason to look at another piece of software, the cost. You see, the alternative product is completely free.

Picasa was developed by a small software company and was selling in the same price range as the other products in the category. Then Google bought Picasa and decided to give away the software. Now I realize that there is truly no such thing as free, but I don’t think you’ll find any reasons not to like the software or anything about it. If you strictly look at what it does, it is one of the best photo management programs on the market. Many say it is the best. So how does Google benefit from this? I have no inside information but I can make a guess. One of the features allows you to send a photo to one of the various companies that print photos. I would think that Google receives some sort of a referral fee or commission. It would be very small, but lots of small transactions can lead to a lot of money.

Why not download Picasa yourself and give it a try? Heck, it is free and the download is pretty small. I think we can all agree that the price is right. After you give it a try, leave us some feedback with what you like or dislike about Picasa.

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  1. faith

    I am building a photo bank at work and decided I would use the Picasa program — mainly because it is free and seems to do everything that Adobe Photo Album does. Picasa, really is very easy to learn and meets all my needs for photo management and distribution. I will be putting it on the office network in the future and I expect everybody (even the most computer challenged) won’t have a problem using it. Be warned: it may find things that are not supposed to be found. I installed it on my home computer and found some very interesting photos belonging to my two teenage sons and I don’t think they really wanted to share them with me.


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