CorelDRAW X3 Graphics Suite is Coming

January 17, 2006

It should come as no surprise that a new version of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is coming. It has been two long years since the last update and thus the longest gap between releases.

Corel also was facing the release of a version holding a number considered unlucky by many. So they decided it was time to modify the naming scheme and call it X3. Only time will tell if this brings them luck.

Here at Unleashed Productions, we’ve been working very hard waiting for the new release. There are so many things we have to do before the software gets into your hands.

First, we need to get our hands on beta versions of the software and give it a thorough test. As the testing continues, the next book begins to take shape. Then we have to plan dates and prepare materials for a new series of Boot Camps. Authors have to be contacted to create new tutorials on the upcoming version. Plus all of our add-on software needs to be upgraded to work with the new version and/or to add new features. Whew! That’s a lot of work.

We have some things ready to announce today and more will follow in the near future. Let’s start with our Boot Camps. One of our goals has always been to accomodate users on the most recent 2-3 versions while also showing the newest features. Once again we’ve constructed an agenda designed to make sure attendees maximize their productivity. We’ve added an extra 30 minutes to each day. The full-color handout is getting even thicker. Instead of a Boot Camp CD, now everyone gets a DVD loaded with even more goodies. Throw in a copy of the CorelDRAW X3 Unleashed book and attendees walk away with a ton of valuable training materials. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve been twisting arms for months to get members of the development team to attend the first Boot Camp on CorelDRAW X3. This includes Tony Severenuk, the man responsible for the overall development of CorelDRAW. Along with Tony is David Dukarek, who designs the interface for the software. That means you not only get the usually excellent training, but also the opportunity to talk directly to two people who have great influence over our favorite software. If you have been thinking about a Boot Camp, it is time to come and learn now. Space is very limited and all attendees leave with a huge boost to their productivity.

The next major announcement is the upcoming CorelDRAW X3 Unleashed book. It has seen a huge overhaul over the already excellent CorelDRAW 12 Unleashed. It is more colorful. It is easier to read on screen. It will have at least 210 more pages (the exact count keeps growing). It will have at least two hours more movies (again, the time keeps getting longer). That also means there are a lot more great tips on how to get the most from CorelDRAW. We plan to offer it in two versions. First, it will be available as a CD-ROM. Because the book has grown so much, the CD can only hold the book and movies. For those who just want the training materials, this is the product to get. That wasn’t enough for everyone so we decided to also produce a DVD-ROM that adds a ton of other goodies to the book and movies. This will include FREE software as well as trial versions of some great tools. There will be clipart, and lots of it. In fact, we’re really not sure what else will be included because we are still finding more things to add. The CD-ROM is expected to be available on March 1st with the DVD-ROM following on March 15th. Details can be found at Note that as more info is known, this page will be updated to reflect all of the latest details.

All of this is great, but what happens if you just want to buy the software. No problem, we’ll have you covered there as well. Just because the software has been announced doesn’t mean it is shipping yet. We still have a few weeks to go. As of right now, we’re still waiting to get the exact details on pricing and availability. We’re going to give you two ways to purchase the software. First, we’ll give you an easy way to order from Amazon. Sure, you could go directly to Amazon. We sure would appreciate it if you would use our links as we get a small commission on every box sold. Yes, there are other online retailers and some of them could even be a few dollars less. Our understanding is that Corel is doing some extra legwork to try to make sure that the prices are relatively consistent across all stores. And you shouldn’t have to deal with mail-in rebates to get the best prices. We are also going to provide a way for you to order a special bundle through the Graphics Unleashed Web site. It will include CorelDRAW X3, the CorelDRAW X3 Unleashed book and a few extra goodies that will truly add value to the bundle. This special package will be available a few weeks after product starts shipping from Amazon. So if you have to have it at the lowest price and want it immediately, use our Amazon links. If you can wait a little while longer and want the most bang for the buck, then the special bundle we are assembling is the way to go.

Lastly, I’m sure you all want to know what is new and if the new features are really helpful to your workflow. Within a day or two, we’ll have the official list of new features posted on the site. Soon afterward we’ll start to let you know what we have found about the new features. We have a ton of information to share and we’ll do our best to find time in between preparations for the book and Boot Camps to post our findings.

The next month is going to be a wild one and we are going to enjoy the ride!

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  1. Richard Reilly - Fluid

    Anyone who currently uses CorelDRAW in the Textile Screen Printing Industry needs to upgrade to X3. Features have been added, fixed and modified to work better for our needs. Less work arounds for some of the major tasks used or wanted to be used.
    Spot color support is huge!
    PowerTRACE is incredible!
    Smart fill tool – you can work wonders with this new feature
    Node reduction is real accurate.
    Fit Text To Path is more accurate
    These are just a few of the improved and added features.
    X3 will increase your productivity and add more bang to your designs with minimal effort than before. Again it is a must have upgrade to add to your designing arsenal.

    Artist/Owner Automated Screen Printing, Graphic Design and Embroidery Company.


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