Creative Suite Revisited

September 26, 2006

The last few weeks had seen a number of products released geared towards the home and enthusiast users. Now Adobe has brought out products geared towards the high end.

First up was the announcement of Adobe Acrobat 8. Of all of the Adobe products, Acrobat is the one that I find extremely useful. PDF files are a big part of my workflow so I was definitely interested to see what this new version delivered. I read through the release twice and just couldn’t see anything at all that would benefit me. So I doubt I’ll be upgrading anytime soon. From what I can tell, about the only significant feature is the “Connect” service based on the Flash technology acquired from Macromedia. It certainly isn’t something I’d use.

To go along with the new version of Acrobat, they also announced a new version of the Creative Suite. Acrobat 7 was replaced with Acrobat 8. The other big news is a little more hidden. GoLive is no longer part of the suite and Dreamweaver takes its place. Surprisingly, Adobe does plan to continue selling GoLive as a separate product. I guess it isn’t dead, it will just survive on life support for a while until the sales dry up. If you have CS 2, you can upgrade for a fairly small amount to CS 2.3. I suppose if you want the new Acrobat and don’t have Dreamweaver 8 that it might be a good deal. Otherwise, I’d save your cash.

Reports are saying that CS 3 will be released this spring with all new versions of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. So if you really want to buy something from Adobe, you better save your money for the all-new suite.

Personally, I’ll stay with Corel’s suite. It costs a lot less, delivers more and is much easier to use. I just don’t understand why so many users choose Adobe. I’m not a big fan of mud huts.

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  1. Rikk

    Comments is working on the “How do you make money with CorelDraw” entry.

  2. Anonymous

    You don’t know how to promot corel graphic suite. Your site suck and your newslatter suck. I don’t want to use the word suck, but I’m very disappointed that someone with the means to produce something really greate for coreldraw users choose to be mediocre.

  3. Anonymous

    Dear above Anonymous,

    Have you never heard the saying: “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all”? I guess not! YOU suck!

    Foster, keep up the great work! You’re a CorelDRAW champion and I thank you for it!

  4. Anonymous

    Apply your comment to yourself. If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. Foster not need anyone to defend him. He’s very talented, but don’t use his talent right. I want foster to know that he can do better, because right know his work doesn’t do good to the products (CorelDraw and Corel photo-paint) he trys to promote.


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