PowerPoint Live is Upon Us

September 17, 2006

Here I sit in San Diego as I await the start of the PowerPoint Live conference. I have been to many of Rick Altman’s conferences and this one is a little different. Most of the conferences I was on the inside as a presenter. For this conference, I’m a paid attendee and an observer. I’ll pass along any interesting news from the conference.

This also represents the first time many of the attendees will get a look at PowerPoint 2007. What will they think of the radically redesigned interface? They could embrace the simplicity of finding features or they could rebel when they learn that it will take time to adjust to the changes.

Will Microsoft announce a timetable for the release of Office 2007 or will the date still remain in limbo? Sure, it will come later this year or early next year. But will the date slip to allow more fixes to be incorporated? Could they hold the release until Vista is ready to ship? When exactly will Vista be ready to ship? So many questions and I’m not sure I’ll leave the conference with many answers.

Do you have any questions about the future of PowerPoint? If so, post a comment and I’ll see if I can find an answer for you. Are there PowerPoint add-ons or complementary products that interest you? Many of the vendors will be here and I’m looking forward to learning more about their products. If there is a product you’d like to learn about, again you can post questions here and I’ll try to get an answer for you.

Well, there are fifteen minutes before registration begins so I’m off to the ballroom. I’ll be back to report more later.

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  1. Rikk

    Welcome Foster, I just saw you walk by.


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