Enlarge Photos with Photo-Paint Compatible Plug-In

April 3, 2007

Recently I talked about the trend of plug-in vendors supporting only Adobe Photoshop. One user left a comment about how frustrated they were that Genuine Fractals stopped working after Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9. I was just as frustrated until I discovered a replacement about a year ago in the form of PhotoZoom Pro. I was not able to use it as a plug-in, but it worked great as a standalone app.

Just recently, PhotoZoom Pro 2.2 was released. Yes, it works as a plug-in and they openly advertise that it works in Corel PHOTO-PAINT and Corel Paint Shop Pro. I’ve played with the new version and it still works as a standalone, but also appears in the File Formats Plug-Ins menu in Corel PHOTO-PAINT. This means that when you choose it from the menu, it will invoke the program and save the results to a common file format.

For those who haven’t played with Genuine Fractals or PhotoZoom Pro, they are used to enlarge images. Yes, you can do that natively in Corel PHOTO-PAINT. For a small increase, the built-in features work just fine. For those who need to create artwork at much larger sizes, they need a tool dedicated to the job. If you need such a tool, PhotoZoom Pro is a great solution. Should you decide to purchase a copy, please let the company know that you use Corel PHOTO-PAINT and that you are happy they are providing support.

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  1. Howard Cart

    Hello from Yuma, Arizona,

    Just purchased the enlarge Photos plug-in and left them a thank you from a Corel PhotoPaint X3 user, with reference to your website providing the information and contact.

    Howard Cart
    HCart Graphics Unlimited

    P. S. Will keep you posted on my thoughts regarding the program.


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