Do you use DXF Export in CorelDRAW?

October 10, 2007

I got a call a few days back from someone who wanted to drive a CNC Router with CorelDRAW. I have absolutely no experience with doing this so I did a little research on the subject. I ran across a very interesting utility, DXFTools, that runs as a macro inside of CorelDRAW. This macro will export a DXF file from your CorelDRAW artwork at a much higher quality than you get with a native CorelDRAW export. It sure sounds like an interesting product and I’d like to hear from those of you who need to export DXF about your experiences. You can try the product for 30 days or 30 exports whichever comes first.

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  1. Debby Abrahams

    That sounds useful. Does it also have good DXF import abilities?

  2. JoyMonkey

    DXFTool does sound useful, but I’ve always exported files as Adobe Illustrator 3 to import into other applications for CNC work. Unlike Corels native DXF export the AI export retains all the curves. Most cad software can import AI without any trouble, so it works for me.

  3. jay m

    I’m using Bobcad, and it doesn’t read AI. Draw’s DWG doesn’t seem to be any better than its DXF?
    I only did this with vectorized scans, so that may be a limitation of Trace 10.
    I’d be interested in the utility.

  4. jay m

    dang- only for version 12 and up-
    should I try it on my version of 10 anyhow?
    Time to upgrade…

  5. taejr

    I have been using the DEFTool program to export DXF files to Artcam and them the vectors to a Shopbot CNC. Works great!

  6. Scott

    We use a little known program called Bezarc, from a company called Kandu Software. We export from Corel as an .ai file and Bezarc opens the .ai and saves it out as a .dxf with no lost information. You don’t even have to click a single button, just open the file and save as a .dxf, and then the file is ready to use for cutting. We use the files for driving a WaterJet machine from Omax Corp. Hope that helps.

  7. enfofan

    I started exporting dxf files back in V9, and now with V12. I import into flashcut which drives my CNC table and controls my plasma cutter. almost all of my artwork is either scanned into or created within Photo Paint converted to line art, traced and saved as dxf; opened in Draw to manipulate and minimize nodes, cleanup lines and curves and to create the layers( each object/layer translates to a cutpath; organize the layers to my desired cut order, and set the perimeter object as the highest layer, which is the last cutpath cut by the plasma cutter.
    I also use Draw to break apart paths/ nodes to create cut-in and cut- outs- that is the plasma starts in a drop area so that the path is very clean- no ‘burn-ins’ when the plasma starts but has begun to move along the cut path.

  8. Debbie, Circle D

    I have a new cnc plasma. I am trying to use Corel Draw 12 to produce the dxf files for Wincnc.
    I have taken digital photos of my patterns, imported the photo into Corel draw, and used the line art trace. I used the virtual segment delete to get rid of extra lines and the freehand draw to draw interior line segments that are lost in the trace. Anyway, I have exported this as dxf file and when I try to reopen them, I only have the interior lines showing, lost the outline. How or What should I do to save these files properly? Thanks SO MUCH

  9. Devraj Baruah

    Hi, I got a problem here, whn I export a design created in CorelDRAW to DXF and then try to import it into a CAD software, it says ‘no data found’. Can I know why this is happening and if possible a solution from you. Thanks in advance!

  10. Foster D. Coburn III

    Devraj, I really have never heard of this and personally have never used a DXF file. Sorry, I just don’t have any answers for you.

  11. Richard John Jordan

    That sounds great! and I think it can be very much useful because I already try making CNC work and it works great. But anyway thanks for sharing this for us to know.


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