Big Sale on AutoFX Plug-ins

November 20, 2007

Were you wondering what present you could give your creativity for a holiday present? How about one of the AutoFX plug-ins? I’ll tell you about all the great choices in a minute, but what you really need to know is that they are all on sale for 30% off through the end of the year. There are also some discounted bundles also on sale.

Let me give you a quick overview of the products involved:

Photo/Graphic Edges 6.0 gives you the ability to do cool stuff with edges on your images. It includes a total of 14 effects: Acid Edge, Ambient Brush, Burned Edge, Distort Edge, Edge Brush, Edges, Frames, Montage, Photo Border, Photo Tabs, Putty Edges, Smudged Edge, Transfer and Vignette.

Mystical Lighting allows you to do some amazing things with lighting in your images. Effects include Edge Highlights, Ethereal, FairyDust, Flare, Light Brush, Light Caster, Mist, Mottled Background, Radial Light Caster, Rainbow, Shader, Shading Brush, ShadowPlay, Spotlight, Surface Light and Wispy Mist.

Mystical Tint Tone and Color has effects for color and tonal changes in your images. Effects include Antique Photo, Black and White, Blue Sky, Color Bleach, Color Contrast, Color Mixer, Cool, Dark Contrast, Darken Colors, Deepen Tones, Enriched Black, Gradient Tinting, Green Foliage, Hand Tint, Hard Posterize, Harden Details, HSB Adjust, Image Brush, Levels, Multiply Darks, Over Exposed, Restore Details, RGB Adjust, Saturate Colors, Sepia Soft Posterize, Soft Saturation, Soften Details, Tonal Contrast, Tonal Detail, Tonal Sharpen, Tonal Smooth, Tonal Soften, Under Color, Under Exposed, Vitality, Warm and Washed Out.

DreamSuite Series One has eighteen filters that do a variety of cool stuff. They include 35mm Frame, Chisel, Crackle, Crease, Cubism, Deckle, Dimension X, Focus, Hot Stamp, Instamatic, Liquid Metal, Metal Mixer, PhotoBorder, PhotoDepth, PhotoTone, Putty, Ripple and Tape.

DreamSuite Series Two has fourteen more filters in a variety of areas. Filters include 2 1/4 Frame, 4 x 5 Frame, Dreamy Photo, FilmGrain, FilmStrip, Film Frame Art, Mesh, Mosaic, PhotoPress, PhotoStrips, PlasticWrap, Puzzle Pieces, Tile and Wrinkle.

DreamSuite Gel Series allows you to give your graphics a gel look. This works on both graphics and text.

Also under the AutoFX banner are Xtivity, a Flash authoring program and Pixtivity, a multimedia slideshow generator.

If you give these products a look, you’re sure to find one or more that will help boost your productivity.

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