Emerging markets for Software

Written by Jeff Harrison
November 29, 2007

Microsoft is hoping this program and others will help the company reach more of the 5 billion people who have yet to benefit from the PC revolution.

OK… what can Corel learn from this? Initial “mind share” is everything.

Set aside pricing for the moment, whether the software is free or 399.00 USD.

When a human gets comfortable with a product, especially one as deep/powerful/complex as CorelDRAW, their enthusiasm to learn a competitive package wanes. There are only so many hours in a day.

Corel already has surprisingly good success with global sales. The logic of the program appeals to many people across many cultures who see the real value in the product. These people don’t swallow marketing hype or buy software for fashionable reasons. They just need to get real work done.

If Corel plans this carefully, they could watch and learn for what works for MS and what doesn’t. Or, develop an exclusive partnership with MS for this venture, leaving Adobe out in the cold.

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