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November 16, 2007

Just recently a user upgrading from CorelDRAW 8 to CorelDRAW X3 commented their disappointment that the new version only included 10,000 images. I gave that user a quick answer about the clip art that is available to CorelDRAW users and I thought I would expand on that in a blog post.

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One thing that I think this user forgot is that you can still use the clip art from older versions in CorelDRAW X3. I personally copy the clip art from the CDs of older version to my hard drive so I have them available when needed. If you don’t have the old versions, maybe you can pick up a copy of them on eBay for a reasonable price.

If price is your main concern and you want a whole bunch of images, then Nova Art Explosion 800,000 Clip Art is probably right up your alley. 800,000 images on 34 CD-ROMs for only $79.99. If you owned a previous version, there is even a $30 rebate. There are many more packages of this type listed on our Web site.

The downside to these megacollections is that you are paying for quality and not necessarily the most useful images for a production workflow. So it all depends on what you need for your business.

A really inexpensive option are the packages from Dover. If you’ve ever seen the old Dover clip art books, these collection put that artwork on disc for you. No longer do you need to scan the pages out of the book. Some of this artwork is supplied as a bitmap and some is in vector form. But there are a ton of choices and none of them is more than $15.

For those of you in a production environment, many of these large collections just aren’t that useful. Working with the files to get them prepped for output as a vinyl sign, an embroidery stitch pattern, laser engraved and more is a lot different than print work.

One source of great artwork is Clipart deSIGN. All of their artwork is design for vinyl cutting which means it can easily be used in all areas of production work. If you need flames, tribal designs, vehicle graphics or pinstripes then you definitely want to check out this collection.

By far the largest collection of production ready artwork is from Digital Art Solutions. There are over 30 packages to choose from with over 100,000 total images. Yes, these packages cost more than the mega packages because they are designed for those creating shirts, signs, plaques and other physical products that have to get out a lot of usable artwork in a short period of time.

Hopefully all of you can find some clip art to meet your needs in the many collections I’ve listed. If you know of other collections of interest, I’d love to hear about them.

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