CorelDRAW X4 Education Edition Delivers VBA

January 23, 2008

In a previous post, you know I have been very critical about the Student and Teacher (Academic) Edition of CorelDRAW X3 because it does not include VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

I’ve got good news for you. The Education (still Academic) Edition of CorelDRAW X4 does include VBA. It still has some of the legal restrictions of past versions. You can’t use it to make money so if you want to buy it for your business, you are violating this restriction. It is not eligible for upgrades so you will either have to continue buying the Education Edition in the future or pay for the full version at some point. There are no printed manuals, though you could order these separately. Software-wise, the Education Edition is identical to the full version costing much more.

Even if you don’t think you need or use VBA, you will inevitably find a use for it. Our friends at are adding new features to CorelDRAW on a regular basis and they all require VBA. You can now use CorelDRAW’s built-in macros for calendar creation and swatchbook building. What school doesn’t have a need to create calendars?

Why did Corel have such a change of heart with this release? Sure, part of it has to do with making users happy and this was a problem area. The biggest reason is that they were able to negotiate a new licensing contract for VBA with Microsoft and it is now financially possible to include it and still keep the price low.

If you are a student, teacher or somewhat qualified to use CorelDRAW in an academic environment, go ahead and order your Education Edition of CorelDRAW X4. The list price is $99 so it is a real bargain. Those of you in the business world who have a previous version of CorelDRAW will have to look to the Upgrade for CorelDRAW X4. Business users without a previous version of CorelDRAW will have to look to the full version of CorelDRAW X4.

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  1. Scott

    Hi. I just purchased Academic Edition of Corldraw X4 but I can not find PowerTrace anywhere on installation or as a choice for installation from DVD. It’s listed everyone online as included as included on the DVD software artwork as well…. Corel is of no help as they want $15 to talk to tech support.

    Can anyone shed some light on my missing PowerTrace X4?

  2. Foster D. Coburn III


    This isn’t really the place to post such a question. We highly recommend you post future questions in the Graphics Unleashed Discussion Forums.

    To answer your question, PowerTRACE is not a separate program. It is integrated into CorelDRAW. Load the bitmap of your choice into CorelDRAW and when it is selected, you’ll find a button on the Property Bar for tracing.

    As part of your academic package, you did receive the full manual in PDF format. This can also be a helpful resource.


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