Making a Photo Mosaic

April 19, 2008

A few years ago it was rare to see a photo mosaic. Now they are becoming much more common. If you aren’t sure what makes a “photo mosaic”, let me describe it in a bit of detail. Then I’ll tell you how you can create your own.

A photo mosaic is an image where each “pixel” of the image is actually another smaller image. I saw one recently where the main image was of Tiger Wood’s face. The really cool part was that each of the smaller images were also of Tiger Woods. This probably took tens of thousands of smaller images to get the main image to look just right.

Therefore there are two things you’ll need to create a photo mosaic. First is a large library of images, and then you need a utility that can put them all together automatically. Sure it could be done manually, but it would be a very tedious job. AndreaMosaic is one such program and you can download it for free. While it is free, the author does accept donations and I highly encourage you to support programmers who create these cool tools. Not only can you download the program, you can download a starter set of images. Combine that library with images you take with your digital camera and you will see be creating your own cool photo mosaics.

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