A New Buyer for Corel?

August 25, 2008

Last week I told you that Corel Holdings had withdrawn their offer to purchase all outstanding shares of Corel Corporation. Well, it seems as if the offer was withdrawn because at least one other interested buyer is out there.

Go ahead and read the article. You’ll probably ask the same question as everyone else I’ve talked with. Who is it? I certainly have no inside information so I can only guess at who it might be and who it won’t be. Let’s talk about some of the names that have come to mind.

I’m sure two of the names that immediately came to mind were Microsoft and Adobe. Microsoft would be a great fit. Unfortunately there is one large problem, WordPerfect. Government forces would not allow Microsoft to take out their largest (albeit, small) competitor. Adobe would also be taking out their biggest competitor. Not to mention that there would be huge overlap between the product lines.

Quark is on an upswing after the latest release of Xpress. I just don’t think they have a big enough checkbook.

Google has the checkbook. They don’t have the overlap. Then again, I’m not sure what they would do with packaged software. Then again, maybe technology from WordPerfect could be used to give Google Docs more features. The Ulead video products could be given away so people could develop better video for YouTube. CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER could be developed to work with Sketchup. I definitely would love Google to buy Corel simply because I know they would get the word out about the products. OK, so I doubt this is likely.

Autodesk has AutoCAD and Maya. I’m really not sure how they would do with consumer products since most of their products are very high-end. They definitely have the checkbook and there is no overlap of product lines.

There are certainly more names that come up to me though I can’t think of a good reason for them to purchase Corel and/or they are companies that can’t afford to buy Corel. I’m sure I’ve missed some possibilities and would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment and let me know who you think it might be and why. Please don’t e-mail me comments directly as I would be the only one to see it.

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  1. Rikk

    The company will be split. Microsoft and Adobe will agree to play nice. MS will end up with the graphics portions because Adobe believes too whole-heartedly in their dominance. Adobe will get Wordperfect Suite , with MS firmly believing they are too entrenched to be routed out.

    Ventura will be revived… (I just woke up) I must have been dreaming. What did I just say?

  2. Foster D. Coburn III

    Rikk, I sure like the idea of Adobe being stuck with WordPerfect and Microsoft’s marketing behind the graphics products. I do think Microsoft could not only revive Ventura but bring it back to the dominance it once enjoyed. Sadly, it is probably just a dream so we can only hope the real buyer can make us all happy.

  3. JackDeth

    Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to see Adobe get their paws on it. They would wrap graphics suite into their existing mix of products or kill it all together and then where would we be? If they did integrate it, they would increase the price back into the realm of unreasonable like most of their products and that would eliminate one of Corel’s biggest benefits – affordable software.

    If Microsoft gets their hands on it, I dread to imagine what would happen. WordPerfect….bye bye. CGS, well, they would Microsoft-ize it and add all these extra “usability” features to make it more “user friendly” and feel more like the rest of their products. It would become bloat-ware and probably more riddled with bugs as they try to tie it more tightly into their operating system. I don’t relish the thought of either of those things happening.

    Google….hmmm…that would be an interesting development. Google Apps could get a big boost in technology from WordPerfect. Maybe Winzip would again be offered as a free product!

    Picasa could be bundled with Corel Graphics Suite and offered as an image viewer. It could be upgraded to read CDR files and would be great for browsing the clipart CD!

    Perhaps they could open up Corel Graphics Suite as an Open Source application so other users can contribute to making it a better product and producing it for other operating system platforms. That way, it would get used more in the market, taking more away from Adobe, and they could charge fees for support. Sort of like Canonical does with Ubuntu Linux.

    Hmmm….options, options….

  4. pfoust

    Well if Adobe were to buy and absorb Corel’s graphic side they would then be able to raise their prices some more….hmmm…on the bright side it would sure be a shot in the arm for Xara…

  5. pfoust

    well if Adobe were to purchase Corel they would probably just pillage the graphic suite and then drop Coreldraw/Photopaint out of existence…thereby in their minds eliminating any serious competition they could raise their pricing even more…that could be a good scenario for all but forgotten XARA…hmmm


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