CorelDRAW X4 in Simple Steps and CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed

August 1, 2008

Dreamtech Press just announced the release of CorelDRAW X4 in Simple Steps. Below is the publisher’s brief description of the book.

CorelDRAW X4 in Simple Steps offers you a quick and easy way to learn and master CorelDRAW X4. Simple language and step-by-step approach with lots of illustrations make this book an ultimate reference book. Some of the topics covered in the book are:

  • Basics of CorelDRAW X4;
  • Working with shapes, lines and colors;
  • Working with different tools to convert, format and edit objects and text
  • Understanding Layer Management in CorelDRAW;
  • Handling bitmaps; adding special effects to bitmaps and managing color displays.

Now I need to add some clarification. Dreamtech is located in India and right now the book is only available in India. I have asked the publisher if the book will be available elsewhere and they are hoping to work out distribution deals for Europe and North America. They did provide a Web site for placing bulk orders. This link is for someone who wishes to place a bulk order, not for single copies.

For those of you wanting a CorelDRAW book available worldwide, please consider CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed. It comes in two editions. Each edition comes with a 932 page ebook along with 11.5 hours of tutorial movies. The Premium Bonus Content Edition adds the 125 page Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 Unleashed with two more hours of tutorial movies and Jeff Harrison’s top 37 Powertips with another hour of tutorial movies. We also load up the DVD-ROM of the Premium Bonus Content Edition with clip art, plug-ins and other valuable content.

The standard edition of CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed is shipping now. The Premium Bonus Content edition will begin shipping on August 5, 2008. We have a huge number of pre-orders so any new orders will not ship until a few days later as it will take us time to catch up on the existing orders.

As I mentioned earlier, we can ship CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed anywhere in the world. The best price for shipping outside of North America is less than $2 more than shipping within the United States. Get your copy now and start getting more out of CorelDRAW X4!

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