Font Friday: A Tale of Three Fonts, Part II

May 29, 2009

Last week I gave you the background on the three fonts that were too complex for us to convert to PostScript Type 1 at The Font Company. The second of the fonts is Caslon Antique. Of course it was really popular back in the early 90s since it was the font used by the Broadway show “Les Miserables”. I am displaying the Adobe version of the font, but the URW version is the closest to the one we had at The Font Company. Corel even included a knockoff of the font in early versions under the name Casablanca Antigua or something like that. Sorry, my memory is a little vague going that far back. This font was particularly complex because of the “antique” variation on the Caslon font. Each of the characters had notches around the edge to show the aging of the text. Next week I’ll tell you all about the third problem font and my favorite of the three.

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