June 29, 2009

I still remember the Christmas where I received a Spirograph. I flipped through the book that came with it and was fascinated with all of the cool patterns that could be created. The sad reality is that I never once was able to complete any of the patterns without the gear slipping or the pen running dry. I even scuffed up my knuckles a few times as they rubbed against the edge of the gears. In reading the reviews of the current version, the current version seems to still be cursed with the same problem.

The good news is that we can now create even better patterns with CorelDRAW. They work every time and your knuckles aren’t any worse for the wear. To automate the process even further, give the free LineArt macro a try. Now if you click on that link, you may be a little lost since the site is in Russian. Luckily Google can translate the pages into English for those of us who don’t understand Russian.

As you can see from the screen shots on the Web site, there are four different types of mathematical patterns that can be created. Each of the patterns allows you to adjust some variable to create a nearly endless supply of patterns. I wish I could tell what the words on the four tabs are in English so that we could all better understand what the variables might do. If any of you understand Russian, please post a comment with the translations.

The Web site claims the macro is for CorelDRAW X4. I have not tested it in earlier versions, but it is possible that it may work in them as well. If anyone tries in an earlier version and has success (or failure), post a comment and let us know.

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  1. Bjarne

    Here are the translations of the tabs:
    There are four different types of patterns or ‘Art’
    1- Cobwebs with Phase and Radius as variables
    2- Star defined by Steps and Points
    3- Cycloid where R1..R3 are Radii
    4- Rosette, no idea what K1..K5 stand for; there is also a choice of Variation 1&2
    Hope this helps.

  2. Foster D. Coburn III

    Bjarne, thank you very much for the translation. I’m sure many users will appreciate it.


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