The folks at Vectortuts ran an article recently asking if CorelDRAW was awkward. I know I’m biased and I don’t think it is awkward at all. I’m sure many of you feel the same way. Others probably disagree. I’ll post a few of my thoughts on the article and the comments that follow. I encourage you to read it and provide your own thoughts in a comment.

The first section talks about navigation and leaves out the most important tip. Just press the N key on the keyboard to bring up the navigator. No need to go to the place they call tricky.

Next is a discussion of the freehand brushes. The writer talks about the difficult to do a quick hatching. Personally I’ve not had a need to create hatching. If I did, I wouldn’t use the Freehand tool to do it. After that is praise for curve and node management. No disagreement from me on that point.

I found it funny that the writer talks about the clip art from v8 as well as the Hedy Lamarr illustration on the v8 box. Not that there wasn’t good art included in the older versions, but I’m not sure how that relates to the mesh fill tool. And Corel certainly isn’t a fan of Hedy Lamarr after they lost an expensive lawsuit over that illustration.

More praise is given for the Boolean tools (Weld, Trim, Intersect, Combine, etc), the effects tools and color separation/prepress. I definitely agree. The writer has an issue with screen refreshing and needs to press Ctrl + W often. Some users have this, some don’t. I’m one who doesn’t often have this problem. I’m sure it is somewhat hardware related. After there are positive comments about the PowerTRACE utility.

A number of very nice sample images are provided that show the artistic power of CorelDRAW. I guess what I see missing is the vast amount of production art that is created by average users on a daily basis.

After the article are comments from users. There are certainly some biased comments from users of Illustrator. Nowhere did the writer say Illustrator wasn’t any good, but the commenters certainly have lots of negative (and false) things to say about CorelDRAW. If someone has a valid point, I’d open to hear about it. But people who have never (or rarely) used a piece of software can’t really give a valid comment. Of course there are also some people who claim to be former CorelDRAW users who are happy to leave the bugs behind. There are bugs in CorelDRAW, I don’t dispute that. But there are bugs in every piece of software on the market. If a user prefers a different piece of software, that is fine. Just don’t talk about how buggy CorelDRAW is if you haven’t used it in years.

Read the article and comments yourself and post your thoughts. I’m curious to see what you, the readers, have to say.

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