PDF Converter 6

October 10, 2009

Unless your workflow is different than most users of graphics software, you are constantly working with PDF files. I’m definitely someone who creates them, edits them and much more.

If you create a file in CorelDRAW, you have the ability to publish that file directly to PDF without any other software. Many graphics applications have that capability. It is also possible to import most PDF files, but not all, into CorelDRAW. Even with those capabilities, there are many things you can’t do with only the PDF functionality provided by CorelDRAW.

That’s where a product like PDF Converter 6 can come into play. It can do most of the things you want to do, but can’t using just your graphics software. First is the ability to print from any application directly to a PDF file. That may help you create a PDF file that you can later import into CorelDRAW. Even cooler is the ability to convert a PDF file into a fully formatted Word, Excel or PowerPoint file. You can also scan directly to a PDF file if you need to digitize some documentation.

I often see users of CorelDRAW who create a form and export it to PDF. What they can’t figure out is how to make that an on-screen fillable form. CorelDRAW can create the form, it can’t make it fillable. That’s where a product like PDF Converter 6 comes into play. It will take the PDF file and give you the tools to turn it into an electronic form.

Now you might guess that many of these are features that are part of Adobe Acrobat Pro and you’d be right. Here’s the difference, PDF Converter 6 has a list price of $99 whereas Adobe Acrobat Pro lists for $450. To make it an even better deal, Nuance has provided a $5 off coupon on PDF Converter 6. The coupon lasts until December 31, 2009. If you are needing to do more with your PDF files, you’ll definitely want to explore PDF Converter 6.

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