From time to time I get users asking me for a list of all of the shortcut keys available in CorelDRAW. Unfortunately there is no list of shortcut keys that will ever be accurate for all users. This is because users can create and modify shortcut keys to their liking.

The good news is that it is very easy for users to create their own list of shortcut keys including any customization they have done. Many users aren’t aware of this simply because the functionality is buried deep in the software.

Select Tools | Options to get the Options dialog box. Expand the Workspace section in the tree list at left. Then expand the Customization section and click on Commands. Near the top right of the dialog box are three tabs. Click on the tab labeled Shortcut Keys and look to the bottom right of the dialog box for the View All button. Got it? Great, click on that button and you’ll get the Shortcut Keys dialog box where you can export the list or print it. Now you need to start memorizing more of the keys! This should work in CorelDRAW 12-X4 and possibly in earlier versions. My memory doesn’t go back any farther than that.

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