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June 23, 2010

There are certainly fans of various types of smartphones. If you are a fanboy of a particular flavor of phone, nothing I’m going to write should offend you as I chose the best phone for me.

First, I’m very loyal to Sprint. I grew up in Kansas City and have had many friends work for the company over the years. I’ve always gotten great service from them and have no desire to even consider another phone carrier. Again, this is what was best for me and is not the answer for everyone. The first phone that gets eliminated is the iPhone because it is only available on AT&T. Whether it is the best phone or not isn’t relevant since it isn’t an option at Sprint. And if I were to switch to AT&T to get an iPhone, my monthly bill would double.

I’ve looked at various flavors of Blackberry phones carried by friends and none of them got me excited at all. I really do like that they have a keyboard, but saw nothing else that was important for my needs. I’m sure it is a great choice for others, just not me.

For the last year and a half, I had a Windows Mobile phone. I can’t tell you how excited I was on the day I got it. Within a week, I hated it. The only good part was the keyboard. Beyond that, I couldn’t trust the hardware as I went through three of them before finally giving up. The software was painfully slow and quite confusing. I couldn’t wait to get a new phone, I just had to find something that would truly make me happy.

Several of my friends had gotten different flavors of Android-based phones and all of them had great things to say about their phone. That meant I just had to wait until Sprint had what I considered a killer Android phone. I played with some of their models and just wasn’t impressed. Then they released the Evo. I wasn’t thrilled that it had only an on-screen keyboard. Before I made the plunge, I wanted to test the keyboard and some of the apps to see how I liked them. My first impression of the keyboard was ho-hum. It wasn’t as good as the hardware keyboard on my Windows phone, but it was pretty good for an on-screen keyboard. That was really the only thing holding me back.

After testing the Evo, I had another week with my painful-to-use Windows phone and I couldn’t take it any longer. I jumped on the Evo and I’m thrilled. Android is much better than the Windows-mobile I had been using. The phone is much more responsive and I am getting used to the on-screen keyboard. So far, I’ve yet to download any additional apps. I’m simply using the ones that came with the phone and they’ve easily met my needs so far. After a while, I’ll go ahead and download a few apps, though I doubt I will get many of them. I need to see a real use for them. Do you have any favorite Android apps? Leave a comment and let me know what I should get.

The other big feature of the Evo is that it supports 4G. Unfortunately Phoenix doesn’t have 4G yet so I haven’t gotten to experience the superfast speeds. All I know is the screen is amazing and I’m much happier with this phone than with my last one!

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  1. Polly

    Shazam – it samples whatever song you’re listening to and tells you what it is. Paper Toss – a silly game, but fun. Pitch 4 – I’m addicted. Dolphin Browser – more flexible than the one that comes with the phone. AP Mobile, BBC News and NY Times for news. Barcode scanner. Google Sky Map (amazing), Sportacular Live Scores, NewsRob, Ringdroid,The Weather Channel, Task Manager. All useful, fun, or informational. Try them out! Out of all of these I think only the Pitch game cost anything.

  2. Max

    Evernote. They have desktop applications along with web and IPhone. So pretty much anything that can connect to the net you can use it. It’s your net brain… notes, pictures, web clippings, web pages.. and it can text search on pictures.

  3. Scott

    Sounds like we had similar experiences. My wife was aghast when I purchased (think it was) the XV6600. We won’t talk about price… Nothing but issues from the start. So I feel your pain!

    My Android was a Christmas gift to replace my brick. I think you will warm up to the touch screen typing. I used the writing analysis and never did figure out texting until my new phone. Everything is well organized and works! No more tapping through endless windows only to be in the wrong area.

    As for apps, have spent considerable time researching. I’m more interested in productivity than games. A few suggestions: Shazam has released a new upgrade, so if you don’t have the later version, you will be limited to 5 free samples a month. I use Google Listen nearly every day for podcasts. Carr Matey is great for locating car and managing meter time. WordPlayer is a good ebook reader. Also install Calibre on your computer to manage import/export etc., and can be scheduled to download ezines. Bubble Level is a great spirit level. Calorie Counter for those of us watching our weight (has a built-in barcode scanner that makes tracking easy). Ditto on Google Skys. Of course setting up Navigation for voice GPS is a must.


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