OmniPage 18 Professional

May 14, 2011

I remember when I first learned about OCR software some 20+ years ago. I thought it would be something I needed. The reality is that I haven’t needed it. I’m also not every user. A lot of people have complained that Corel removed the OCR portion from the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

For those who need OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, OmniPage Professional 18 is one of the premier program available. For those with lighter needs, OmniPage 18 has a much lower cost and still has quite a few features.

OmniPage 18 has the following features:

  • Instantly edit scanned paper, images, or PDF files in your favorite applications
  • Fast, easy, and productive – works with all scanners all-in-ones, and digital cameras
  • Automatically receive emailed pictures of documents from your devices through Microsoft Outlook
  • OmniPage delivers maximum productivity with amazing character accuracy
  • Maintain formatting – converted documents look just like the original
  • Simple, fast, and effective conversion using cloud storage services
  • OmniPage 18 is ideal for students, home office,and small businesses

OmniPage Professional 18 adds the following:

  • Superior word accuracy recreates documents quickly
  • Maintain formatting-converted documents look just like the original
  • eDiscovery for searchable PDF makes documents searchable while preserving existing text
  • Batch convert paper and PDF files into documents you can edit and archive
  • Automate the collection and conversion of forms and data
  • One-button document conversion with custom workflows
  • Convert mobile and digital camera images to text
  • Works with virtually any scanner or MFP
  • Automatically redact and highlight with workflows
  • Leading the way in Cloud storage connectivity and conversion
  • Productive ECM and SharePoint connectivity
  • Includes the PaperPort 12 with PDF Viewer Plus, the world’s most popular desktop document management software
  • Includes PDF Create 7, the most efficient way to create PDF files from any application

One of the other should satisfy your OCR needs!


A few of you asked why yesterday’s e-mailed blog post was an old one. The blogging platform we use, Blogger, had a major outage and so the old post was sent instead of the new one. If you want to read the missing post (I think most of you will really like it), you can read all all the FontFont Free Fonts on the Web site.

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