Six Tools For Creating HDR Images

May 28, 2012

Today the United States celebrates Memorial Day. I’m sure that means many of the loyal readers of this blog are out celebrating the holiday with friends and family. I’ll be having dinner with Scott Georgeson of Click n Learn and the videos supplied with CorelDRAW X6. Yesterday I showed you some really awesome night photos and I’m going to look back on some blogs I did last summer on tools for creating HDR (high dynamic range) images.

In total there are six tools covered. Some of them are free and others have a professional price. They also have different methods for creating the HDR look. All of the tools will work with bracketed images where you shoot multiple shots of the same image at different exposures. Typically this would be underexposed, normal exposure and overexposed. Some of the tools can also take a single image and create an HDR version from it.

These certainly aren’t all of the tools available, but they give you a good range to try. If you do create some cool images, please post them to the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page so that we can all see your photos. It would be great if you could also provide a short description of the tool used to create it.

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